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Want to buy Kratom? Which form are you interested in? Mitragyna speciosa comes in many forms like leaf, resin, extracts and kratom capsules.  There are many other forms as per the grade of leaves. Depending on the grade of leaves Mitragyna speciosa are classified as Premium, Super, Commercial and Enhanced. The enhanced form gives the strongest Kratom effects whereas the commercial form gives the weakest effects. Commercial grade is found to contain small brown leaves.
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Different types of Kratoms can be recognized by color of their leaves. There are white vein leaves and red vein leaves. The kratom effects experienced will depend on the quality of the leaves used for making Mitragyna speciosa. Dried leaves are the most common forms of Kratoms. The powdered form of Kratoms is made from powdered leaves. The powdered form is said to be strongest form and is used and making the very popular Kratom Capsules. The Extract are a sticky substance that is prepared after rigorous boiling. We get the resin form if some more Mitragyna speciosa are added to extract form. The leaves are also chewed fresh after removing the central stingy vein.

Kratom leaves are mostly used for making tea and the powdered form is often served by mixing it with fruit juices or sauce. Some people even make their own kratom Capsules with the powdered form but this is not recommended if you do not know what you are doing. These different forms of Mitragyna speciosa help in reducing anxiety and depression. They also show pharmacological effects and are beneficial for the heart. They can relieve both acute and chronic pain. They offer effective treatment for blood sugar, diarrhea, intestinal parasites and blood pressure. They help in lowering the body temperature and increase the melanin production in the skin. Mitragyna speciosa effects induce the feeling of well-being and optimism. After taking Kratoms you will feel calm and comfortable. But high doses can be dangerous for you as they bring about seducing effects. The internet is best place to buy Kratom at a cheaper rate.

Even though there are many types, the key is to buy Kratom that is quality and comes from a trusted source. Not sure where to start? Check out our Overview page for the top recommended Mitragyna speciosa suppliers and go from there.

Before you buy kratom, it is imperative that you learn about the plant and how to use kratom extracts to achieve the most potent experience. Mitragyna speciosa belongs to the family of Rubiaceae, which are commonly found in Thailand and Malaysia. Unfortunately, these medicinal leaves, which were traditionally used because of it psychoactive features are currently illegal in these countries. The first documentation on this plant was made by a Dutch botanist Pieter Korthals. Its other popular names include biak biak, ithang, kakauam, thom, and ketum. Kratoms can be used in a variety of forms such as leaves, powder, resins, kratom capsules and extract.
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Mitragyna speciosa extract have immense medicinal uses such as sedative, stimulant, painkiller and mood enhancer. The extracts also provide remarkable relief to people who often take depressants and help them to slowly overcome the bad effect of the drug. Actually, kratoms are also prepared as tea for easy consumption. But, the best procedure in consuming Mitragyna speciosa in order to attain the most potent experience is to consume it in small dosages. With small measured dosage, you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of kratom without any kind of side-effects. Mitragyna speciosa is good stimulant and sedative; however, taken in large dosage can cause damaging side-effects.

Make sure that you buy kratom that is pure and of high quality. The best quality kratoms will help you relieve your anxiety, reduce mental stress, and get rid of sleepless nights. If you buy Mitragyna speciosa of substandard quality and consume very high dosage, you may develop darkened skin tone, constipation, and nervousness. You may also experience lowering of blood pressure, vomiting, cardiac problems and renal disorder. Due to some adverse effects on people who have used the plant the wrong way, many countries have banned its cultivation and production. Fortunately, after several research that discovered the medicinal importance of kratoms, the plant is now again in circulation all over the world. Therefore, to enjoy the wonderful effect of the extract, make sure you buy the best quality and consume it in small measured dosages. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at our Reviews page - we only recommend the best sellers who provide top quality Kratom Extract.

The two different types of Kratom can be easily recognized by the color of their leaves. They are the (Green) White Vein and the Red Vein leaves that grow in Thailand, Indonesian, Thai, Bali, and Malaysian. Of the two types of leaves the White Vein Kratom leaves are said to be most potent. While one type of mitragyna speciosa causes a person to be highly stimulated, the other type of Kratom causes a person to become relaxed, and serene. Many people may be seen picking Kratom leaves from a tree, while eating them at the same time. This is not unusual for local towns’ people.

You can buy Kratom online at a dealership that specializes in the many forms of Kratom. Heavy users chew an average of 10 or more leaves per day. The leaves provide them with strength and energy to work continuously, throughout the day. They may use Kratoms in their juices, or tea to help them achieve that feeling of relaxation. mitragyna speciosa is a sedative, a pain killer, a stimulant, and muscle relaxant. The consumption of the plant depends on what the individual is in need of. Some people will not visit a doctor’s office, but they will doctor on themselves. They take the Kratom extracts, or leaves and make whatever remedy they need.

The quality of the plant leaves determine how potent the effects of this plant will be. Regular users of mitragyna speciosa know what mixtures to use, and what strength of Kratoms works best. It is believed that the green vein leaves are more stimulating than the red vine leaves. mitragyna speciosa is said to be excellent at increasing the intensity of sexual intercourse, and relaxing the level of arousal. It actually helps the male to hold back on ejaculation, while the effects continuously increase the sex drive.

People have been enjoying Kratom effects for years from many types of kratom. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of using Kratoms. This powerful herbal leaf in sold on the open market, and is currently being sought after for its many medicinal benefits. The forms of mitragyna speciosa available are the extracts, the leaves, and the powder. Each form is potent in its own way, depending on its consumption. Anyone who is not familiar with the use of Kratoms can purchase it in a sample pack, and see what the big fuss is all about. If not sure where to purchase from, check out our Reviews page for some tips.

Kratom is an herbal plant with a rich history and tradition.   Thailand is known as the origin of the Kratom plant, where it was discovered by a  Dutch settler in the early 1800's.   The Mitragyna speciosa plant stayed confined to Southeast Asia - mainly Thailand and Malaysia - for many years before moving west.   The tropical tree grows anywhere from 15-50 feet in height, with oval-shaped broad leaves that taper to a point.  It can also have yellow flowers that grow in clusters and winged seeds.  The plant actually grows wild in the marshy regions of Thailand, Malaysia, New Guinea and Borneo.

Kratom History

Kratoms use in Southeast Asia goes back centuries where it was chewed by peasant workers as a comfort and to give increased energy. It has also been used for centuries as an antidiarrhetic. It later became known as a sort of "opiate-substitute", even more desirable as it was cheaper and allowed users to actually "function" and work while using it, as opposed to opium or cannabis. This was before many country's started to enact laws restricting kratom purchase.

The chemistry of the alkaloids in the mitragyna speciosa wasn't investigated until the 1920's, when mitraynine was isolated as a key agonist. Kratom effects are interesting in that it acts as both a sedative and a stimulant, giving both feelings of euphoria as well as increased energy. Some find it to be an aphrodisiac, while others can experience slight hangover-like effects of nausea. The method and amount of mitragyna speciosa that you use is key to all of this and it's very important that you do some research before jumping to buy kratom, particularly with the stronger kratom extracts.

There are not really traditions on Kratom use in the spiritual sense but it's medicinal uses appear to be quite varied and are still being studied. Of particular importance is Kratoms effectiveness in treating opiate withdrawal and diarrhea. Interestingly, at it's very source, mitragyna speciosa was made illegal in Thailand in 1946 but became an active seller on the ethnobotanicals markets in early 2000's, making its purchase more widely available. mitragyna speciosa is still very much legal in the United States and there are many reputable places to purchase it online. There are also many that are not quite so. Just be sure to do your due diligence, or let us do it for you - by checking out our Kratom Reviews page.

Kratom Effects are often highly misunderstood as are it's potential side-effects. Many rush out to buy Kratom with little understanding of what it is, it's history and it's medicinal properties and either end up disappointed or overdo things and have a bad experience.

Mitragyna speciosa is actually classified, by nature off it's effects, as a Stimulant, a Depressant, and an Intoxicant. Sounds a lot like alcohol, doesn't it? The plant has a long and interesting history from it's origins in Southeast Asia. A lot can be determined about it's effects and side effects simply by studying up on the history and the herb's role in the many cultures.

In essence, the main alkaloids in it are structurally related to psychedlics, but their activity is much different.  The main effects given off by the herb seem to be similar to opioid drugs.  Generally with opioids, there is a problem with difficulty breathing and this is not the case with Kratoms.  In fact, mitragyna speciosa has been used by many as suppress the effects of opiate withdrawal and also as an effective pain killer.

Other Kratom Effects that may be expected? Possible giddiness and sense of well-being is common. Other predominant effects are enhanced energy and cough suppression. Some have taken Kratoms as a treatment for diarrhea as it has a high fiber content. Others use Kratom and the stronger Kratom extracts to prolong sexual intercourse.

Are there possible side effects, as in negative, with Kratom use? Of course. However, they're actually quite rare. Side effects can include such things as dry mouth, irregular urination, loss of appetite, and nausea. Daily use of mitragyna speciosa in high doses over extended periods of time can result in darkening of the skin, nervousness and aggression. If use of Kratom gets to these levels, it is possible to develop some level of dependence on the herb that will require a withdrawal period. Generally the highest concentrations of the alkaloids will be in the Kratom extracts and kratom resin.
Overdose of mitragyna speciosa is possible, though not fatal. Should someone consume entirely too much of the substance in one sitting, the possible outcome would be hallucinations, delusions, tremors, nausea, problems with motor coordination and aggression. To date, there are no known cases of overdoses with fatal or irreversible consequences, even with the extracts.

Does this mean that mitragyna speciosa is perfectly safe for everyone and anyone to take? No, don't be stupid! Obviously, if you have other serious health issues, or are pregnant, or are under 18 - this is not something that you should be experimenting with. However, if you don't fit into one of those categories and want to give it a try, be sure to purchase only through trusted sources. There are plenty of fakes being sold online and caution is still important when it comes to what you put in your body. Check out our Kratom Reviews before making your next move.

As more and more forms of herbal incense end up on lawmaker's chopping blocks, it's up to the herbal consumer to do their own research and find out the legal status of different kinds of ethnobotanicals before jumping the gun and ordering. Some sites may let you order but will then swiftly cancel your order and not ship you anything if an herb is illegal in your state or country. As people become "hip" to more ways to seek spiritual experiences through these herbs, the clock may be ticking for yet another one. Let's hope not. So where can you buy Kratom? It's actually quite surprising.

Countries that have banned the use and sale of mitragyna speciosa to date are Australia, Thailand, Finland, Denmark, Poland and Malaysia. Interesting because Thailand is considered by many to be the birthplace of the herb and officials have now issued an order to destroy all Kratom trees. Authorities in Thailand place mitragyna speciosa in the same category as heroin and cocaine, and even the smallest amount found on a person is enough to warrant the death penalty. The majority of people in Malaysia have lobbied to make Kratoms labeled as a potentially dangerous drug.

Surprisingly, one of the countries where mitragyna speciosa continues to be legal is the United States. Even though it is legal to buy Kratom in the U.S., it is now on the list of drugs that the DEA is considering looking into. As with other ethnobotanicals however, Kratoms is not sold as something that is a product for human consumption. You will find disclaimers on any website that sells Kratom, making it clear that purchases are for "research, education, incense, etc.", and not for human consumption. What you choose to do with the herb is entirely up to you. Europe's laws with respect to Kratoms are very similar to the United States.

Unfortunately, the ban of mitragyna speciosa in countries where it grows, and even is indigenous, makes black market crime even worse. There are also alternatives, such as the strain Mitragyna Javanica, which is not as effective. When in it's powder form, Kratom can be put in applesauce, pudding or most commonly tea. The potency of mitragyna speciosa makes a very powerful herb with psychoactive effects. While potential for abuse is present, there have been a lot of benefits uncovered to Kratoms use and it's hoped that a systematic outlaw is not on the horizon.

As with any potent herbs, be sure to do your homework before getting involved and only buy Kratom from trusted sources. There are plenty of "fake Kratom" strains out there and it can be quite easy to waste your time and money. Check out our Kratom reviews section for some of our recommendations and be sure to come back and let us know about your mitragyna speciosa experiences.

Kratom.com is another online seller that has been around for several years and it looks like they are either affiliated with or are one and the same with KratomBuzz.  Our Kratom.com. Review: They have strong quality controls in place and have a nice selection of Kratom to choose from as well as some nice educational content on their site about Krakratom.com reviewtom.

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That seems to be a growing question these days, as people have gotten wind of things like "herbal incense", k2, Salvia, and other cool stuff like that, they've also heard about Kratom and curiosity it peaked.

So just what is kratom? Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is a tree belonging to the rubiaceae genus. Interesting only because it is also the genus that the coffee tree belongs to. Kratoms are widely known for inducing pleasurable physical effects upon consumption, among those some psychoactive effects. Many people have come to use mitragyna speciosa to treat things like chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, boredom, among other things. It has also been named as an alternative to methadone for those suffering from opiate addiction.

As far as consuming mitragyna speciosa, it's a tricky process with dosage and that is why research and preparation are recommended. Dosage levels of Kratoms will vary depending on the type of Kratoms, season of harvest, and the person taking it. In very low doses, Kratom Effects may be more of a stimulant but in higher doses it is a sedative similar to an opiate..

There are also many ways to consume Kratoms (again - research). In many areas of Southeast Asia, Kratom leaves have traditionally been chewed fresh. Kratom can also be extracted to make a very concentrated and powerful resin. mitragyna speciosa can be smoked but it is believed that most of the valued alkaloids are burned off by heat, so there will be little effect from this. Most boil Kratoms in water to make a tea for drinking. When drinking Kratom tea, the taste is usually pretty awful and bitter but one that can be acquired over time.

mitragyna speciosa is a product that is being enjoyed by thousands of people on a daily basis at this point and, should you decide to join them, your best bet would be to do your homework and only use products from reputable dealers and read a lot of reviews before making any moves. Don't just grab something from a flashy website, Craigslist, ebay or a forum on blind trust - chances are it's crap and possibly dangerous.

Check out the kratom reviews on our site as we've taken great pains to do your homework for you. Enjoy.

kratom reviewsKratom, Mitragyna speciosa, is a plant indigenous to Southeast Asia that is now sold in many forms - Kratom Leaves, Kratom Powder, Kratom Capsules, Kratom Extract, Kratom Tincture are BIG and they're 100% Legal (in most places).  Why the hype?  Well, they have some psychoactive properties of course.  Stick around for best Kratom info on the web - consolidated in one place.  We're here to help you cut through all the crap and find the best of the best.  We'll weed out the best deals for you with our Kratom Reviews, the best Kratom, and the sites to buy Kratom with the best service - because that's incredibly important when doing business online.

Stay tuned for much more.  It's going to be epic!