As more and more forms of herbal incense end up on lawmaker's chopping blocks, it's up to the herbal consumer to do their own research and find out the legal status of different kinds of ethnobotanicals before jumping the gun and ordering. Some sites may let you order but will then swiftly cancel your order and not ship you anything if an herb is illegal in your state or country. As people become "hip" to more ways to seek spiritual experiences through these herbs, the clock may be ticking for yet another one. Let's hope not. So where can you buy Kratom? It's actually quite surprising.

Countries that have banned the use and sale of mitragyna speciosa to date are Australia, Thailand, Finland, Denmark, Poland and Malaysia. Interesting because Thailand is considered by many to be the birthplace of the herb and officials have now issued an order to destroy all Kratom trees. Authorities in Thailand place mitragyna speciosa in the same category as heroin and cocaine, and even the smallest amount found on a person is enough to warrant the death penalty. The majority of people in Malaysia have lobbied to make Kratoms labeled as a potentially dangerous drug.

Surprisingly, one of the countries where mitragyna speciosa continues to be legal is the United States. Even though it is legal to buy Kratom in the U.S., it is now on the list of drugs that the DEA is considering looking into. As with other ethnobotanicals however, Kratoms is not sold as something that is a product for human consumption. You will find disclaimers on any website that sells Kratom, making it clear that purchases are for "research, education, incense, etc.", and not for human consumption. What you choose to do with the herb is entirely up to you. Europe's laws with respect to Kratoms are very similar to the United States.

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Unfortunately, the ban of mitragyna speciosa in countries where it grows, and even is indigenous, makes black market crime even worse. There are also alternatives, such as the strain Mitragyna Javanica, which is not as effective. When in it's powder form, Kratom can be put in applesauce, pudding or most commonly tea. The potency of mitragyna speciosa makes a very powerful herb with psychoactive effects. While potential for abuse is present, there have been a lot of benefits uncovered to Kratoms use and it's hoped that a systematic outlaw is not on the horizon.

As with any potent herbs, be sure to do your homework before getting involved and only buy Kratom from trusted sources. There are plenty of "fake Kratom" strains out there and it can be quite easy to waste your time and money. Check out our Kratom reviews section for some of our recommendations and be sure to come back and let us know about your mitragyna speciosa experiences.

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