Kratom refers to powdered leaves of Mitragyana speciosa tree. This tree has its origin in Southeast Asia. It belongs to a similar botanical family with that of the coffee tree. It has been used for many years for medicinal purposes and as a recreational herb. Kratom effects range from stimulation to seduction, analgesic and euphoric to opiate properties.

Mitragyna speciosa has alkaloids that are similar to synthetic pharmaceutical opiate. However, it is a bit less addictive. As a result, people are sometimes encouraged to buy kratom and use it in lessening the symptoms of opiate addiction. It is advisable that people using it for pain relief to be careful and treat it respectfully. This is because kratom effects are determined by the dosage.

When you buy kratom for pain relief, you will realize that it is very effective in relieving severe discomforts. It is a purely natural solution for many ailments and works for many people. However, you can brew it yourself as well.

kratom tea

Brewing kratom tea is not that hard as some people think of it. By following these steps, you will have your blend ready:

  1. Put the leaves on the percolator basket and place an upper strainer after pouring one liter of water on it. Make sure that the leaves are distributed evenly while doing this.
  2. Leave the kratom leaves to brew for about 15 minutes after getting hot and percolating. To avoid a terrible taste on your tea, keep the flame as low as possible.
  3. After you are done with the first brew, leave it in your percolator basket. If you need to extract more fluid, you may press the leaves with a tablespoon. Then pour your brew into a container of two quarts and add another liter of pure or lemon water. Through the basket filled with kratom and brew it as well.
  4. The second brew may produce light tea because much of the content was extracted in the first brew.
  5. You may discard the leaves once you are done with brewing. You may opt to boil the mixture further if you want to have a stronger tea.
  6. Give it sometime to cool then pour it on the cleaned out iced plastic tea bottles. You can refrigerate the one you intend to use in few days and freeze the remainder. Refrigerated kratom tea can last for about five days while frozen tea can last for months.
  7. A half teaspoon of extract used with 16 ounces of tea will give you the best kratom effects. You may opt to add some two teaspoons of sugar to make it tastier. You can as well drink it while iced or warm. The choice is yours.
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