Kratom is a drug whose proper consumption in a proper manner is necessary otherwise; they can be dangerous for the body. Below are 8 of the best Kratom consumption methods:

1 - Chewing dried leaves:
It is one of the best Kratom consumption ways practices of the settlers for over many years where it grows. Dried Kratom leaves can be chewed directly and can make use of any salt or some pepper to make it interesting in taste. The taste is not very good on chewing dried leaves directly. Also one needs to chew lots of leaves before the effect being felt. 10 grams of Kratom powder consumption are approximately equal in quantity to 20 to 35 leaves.

2 -Drink it quick:
It is one of the popular and best Kratom consumption ways. In this consumption way all you need to do is to place some Kratom powder deep in the back of your tongue. This way they miss the taste buds and when can consume them with something such as drinkable water, juice or soda. The method is quite effective and result can be achieved as quickly as 25 minutes after consumption.

3 -Kratom with juices:
It is third best Kratom consumption was. As far as study of creation is concerned, consuming it with the juices of fruits with large in volume acidic content allows achieving Kratom effects much quicker. One can make use of lime juice, grapefruit juice to consume Kratom powder with. The additional advantage of this consumption way is that it results in stronger effects too.

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4 -Kratom tea:
It is a good way to consume Kratom powder. However, you must consider several things in the tea preparation. Things such as do not make use of tea bags, as they are not so effective. One must boil tea for at least 20 to 30 minutes to let powder release its effects. Lemon water can be mixed as it helps releasing of alkaloids or one must boil the tea for some time more.using kratom

5 -With Yogurt:
For those who hate Kratom powder bitterness, it is the best Kratom consumption way for them. Yogurt is a very great ingredient useful in decreasing bitterness present in Kratom powder. Moreover, it makes consumption much easier and full of taste for many people. In addition, one can utilize high aroma yogurts like vanilla, chocolate etc for much easier consumption.

6 -Kraton smoothies:
Smoothie's are the healthiest consumption ways for creating powder. Smoothes smoothen the taste of Kraton powder and make it much pleasant for consumption. Moreover as it consists some acidity; it also reduces the bitterness of Kratom powder. Adding grapefruit juice, lemon or lime juice is also good for taste and Kratom powder effects as well.

7 - Kratom alcohol sips:
If you are using light Kratom them to some levels you can consume them with alcohol without any dangers to health. Type of alcohols that must be used consist rum, vodka or whiskey. They are required to mix in very less concentration and then consumed. The drink obtained is like a complete energy drink that can warm your body quickly.

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8 - Smoking Kratom:
As some cigarettes make use of dried leaves to smoke, Kratom is also one of them. You can buy cigarettes made with fillings of Kratom leaves. You can consume it by smoking.

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