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10 Movie Inventions We Want to Buy:

Number 10 Data’s Inventions – The Goonies (1985)
There’s no end to Data’s creativity when it comes to his inventions, which include a handy zip-line and a robo-punch.
What We’d Do With It: We’d wear that belt all day every day, just in case we find ourselves in need of a helping hand. Or corkscrew. Or zip-line.

Numeber 9 Machine Gun Leg – Planet Terror (2007)
Had your leg chewed off my zombies? No worries — you can become an awesome freedom fighter by having a machine gun attached to your stump.
What We’d Do With It: Hobble slightly, probably.

Number 8 Transporter – Star Trek: The Movie (1979)
The one thing every commuter dreams of having — a fancy machine that transports you to a pre-determined destination in the blink of an eye. Or, in Star Trek, a swirl of pretty lights.
What We’d Do With It: See the world! Travel the globe! Or just pop down the corner shop…

Numeber 7 Lightcycles – Tron: Legacy (2010)
A pair of wheels to rival even the DeLorean as coolest movie vehicle, the Lightcycles are a computer-bound mode of transportation mostly used during duels.
What We’d Do With It: Cruise around the neighbourhood, naturally, with Daft Punk thundering from the custom speakers.

Numeber 6 NZT Pills – Limitless (2011)
Pills that give you access to 100% of your brain’s capacity (instead of the market standard 20%). Which, essentially, means you can become really, really clever.
What We’d Do With It: Take them to increase our intelligence, then use that intelligence to take over the world. Muwahahaha.

Numeber 5 Breakfast-Making Machine – Back To The Future (1985)
Too lazy to make your own breakfast? So Doc who’s come up with this handy contraption, which cooks him eggs, toast and waffles every single morning. Superb.
What We’d Do With It: Never make breakfast!

Numeber 4 Iron Man’s Suit – Iron Man (2008)
Lifted straight from the pages of Marvel Comics, Iron Man’s super-suit is a gadget-lover’s wet dream, equipped with rockets and the ability to ‘fly’, among other things.
What We’d Do With It: Er, become a superhero.

Numeber 3 Hoverboard – Back To The Future Part II (1989)
A futuristic skateboard that does exactly what it says on the tin. Just don’t try to use it over water – you might get a bit wet.
What We’d Do With It: Show the kids down on the South Bank how it’s really done.

Numeber 2 The Neuralizer – Men In Black (1997)
Used by the Men In Black to wipe short term memories of encounters with aliens. Spookily plausible.
What We’d Do With It: Use it to win arguments down the pub by erasing our mates’ memories of what we were actually talking about.

Numeber 1 Lightsabre – Star Wars (1977)
A futuristic sword, to be honest, used by Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. Makes a lovely electrical humming sound.
What We’d Do With It: Fight our mortal enemies. And slice the pork on Sundays.

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