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Sorry for the dark video! I’ve tried lighting up with some led lights, it looks like it is not enough icon biggrin Making non alcoholic Vanilla Extract We in Malaysia always use vanilla essence for our ba…

tafbutton blue16 Making non alcoholic Vanilla Extract

Räucher Hasch bestellen @ http://herbal-highs-shop.com | Legal Highs Golden Vanilla Pollen (5g) Inhaltsstoffe: 2-Methyl-3-buten-2-ol, Colupulon Das Legal Hig…

tafbutton blue16 Räuchermischungen | Legal Highs | Spice Ersatz | Clean Highs | Golden Vanilla Pollen

via youtube Capture.

tafbutton blue16 Vanilla extract

Still numbs my mouth. icon sad DONT TRY!! Vanilla extract taste :P sorry for any bad quality.

tafbutton blue16 DONT TRY!! Vanilla extract taste :P

We do not own the rights to the music used in this Video. Gangnam Style by PSY.

tafbutton blue16 Cinnamon and Vanilla Extract Challenge

How to extract Vanillin from Vanilla extract using diethyl ether.

tafbutton blue16 Vanillin from Vanilla Extract

Jimbo tries to impress everyone with another stupid stunt.

tafbutton blue16 Jimbo Drinks Vanilla Extract

1.Mix 1 ounce of chopped vanilla beans per 1 cup “40% alcohol” vodka. 2.Shake occasionally, age 6 months. 3.Strain out the vanilla pieces.

tafbutton blue16 homemade vanilla extract

I drink Vanilla Extract and Chocolate Extract.

tafbutton blue16 Shots of Vanilla Extract

As u all know. Vanilla tasts bitter when not in anything. Thats why i was amazed.

tafbutton blue16 Kat drinks vanilla extract.

I do the vanilla extract challenge and fail miserably but if you enjoyed my puking please subscribe and like for future regurgitation’s I post every saturday…

tafbutton blue16 Vanilla extract Challenge

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