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On this episode of smartheads I am testing the Bali kratom. Kratom is a leaf that grows on a tree. There are different types of kratom, they are named after …

tafbutton blue16 Smartheads   Testing some Bali kratom!   E11

so yeah dont know what to say bout this.just.nothing. lol.

tafbutton blue16 bored. and drunk off some freakin tea shit

Some updates about my services and the new sites I’m putting together, the drawing for free kratom at my blog: www.dayakchillthoughts.wordpress.com, Introduc…

tafbutton blue16 Some Vendor Shout Outs, Discussing The Kratom On Project, & A Few Updates

seriously…some of this mess is just played out. know when to leave SOME stuff behind.

tafbutton blue16 Can Some of These Things Stay in Last Year Tho?!

Talking new DE double ended ballast and hoods, and the clear extraxts. The extracts that are jellys and clear or yellow. How they have active thc. So they be…

tafbutton blue16 Grow talk and some clear extract jelly talk

Grinding up some kratom resin for easier use. 1) Freeze kratom resin 2) Grind kratom resin in coffee grinder or blender. 3) Put in a bowl, spread around to allow as much surface area of the kratom resin powder to touch air. 4) Leave overnight on a warm surface, to allow evaporation of moisture. It should turn from a light brown / reddish colour to a darker brown / reddish colour. =)

tafbutton blue16 Grinding up some Kratom resin in a Blender

If your interested in Kratom Maca or any other herbal energy supplements use the links on my site. The site is mostly detailed info about exactly what Kratom is if you need to know more. Link: tcotu.net

tafbutton blue16 Just got some free Kratom and Maca samples in the mail. Check it out.

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