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According to NBC News, the Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on kratom.
The FDA announced it will seize import shipments, and issued a public health warning about the plant.
36 deaths have been linked to the use of the plant, and the FDA warns kratom products may be laced with opioids.
Kratom is used to treat opioid addiction, depression, anxiety, and other conditions, but has not been subject to clinical trials.

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WASHINGTON — The United States Drug Enforcement Administration is reversing its decision to ban the use of kratom after a public outcry.

According to NPR, kratom is derived from a plant in southeast Asia, which is related to coffee plants. It is often purchased in the form of capsule filled with powdered leaf or made into tea.

The drug is said to have been able to help curing addiction to opiates or alcohol and can cure intractable pain. Although the drug is said to be rather mild, it can cause side effects including nausea, sweating, respiratory depression and hallucinations, according to Narconon.

Kratom is legal in Canada and the United Kingdom. It is prohibited in Thailand, Malaysia, Burma and Australia.

The DEA announced in August that it planned to place kratom in schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, which includes heroin and LSD. It has received numerous oppositions from the public since the announcement.

tafbutton blue16 DEA reverses plan to put kratom on Schedule 1 drug list after internet outcry

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