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There is a new natural substance just about anyone can buy right now in Florida that doctors say can be more addictive and dangerous than some illegal drugs.

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REUPLOADED & EDITED FOR MISTAKES On this episode of the Kratom News we are discussing who is really behind the efforts to ban kratom. We will also discuss the latest legal battles going on with kratom legalities in Florida and Tennessee. Also learn about companies taking orders from the corporate infrastructure to boycott kratom. We also have breaking news about mail orders, and big pharmaceutical companies with patents pending on the kratom alkaloids and is trying to scoop it up for their new antidepressant drugs. All that more plus, as we will be answering some of your comments and questions. Stay tuned for more! Please join the www.kratomassociation.org

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In this video I explain a little what kratom is. I have drank the herbal tea many times and enjoy its calming effect.

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A review of Garuda Kratom Capsules

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