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Respect everyone, Stay Positive and Stop Bullying are the Themes of this Stream.

Bad Spinal Injury in Oct. 2012 Pinched nerve at L4, L5 &S1. I do not use Opiates so I do a lot of pain research for alternatives. I do my physical therapy exercises daily to fight the spinal arthritis. Some of the best Long term pain meds are: Fish oil, Coconut Oil, Turmeric, CBD products and recently I tried the Best Thing I have found, Kratom of which the Red vein should help most with pain. The Government wants to make Kratom illegal because it works and they hate for people to get off opiates bc they make $ off people buying them and going to Rehab… The more you Know.
God Bless you all, I hurt everyday and I don’t wish this on anyone.

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Support my channel’s improvement and help with my daily struggle of Crohn’s Disease, Pinched Nerve L4, L5 and Spinal Arthritis.





tafbutton blue16 Most Amazing Jeep stunt spiral survival (PUBG Xbox)

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