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Kratom is an herbal plant with a rich history and tradition.   Thailand is known as the origin of the Kratom plant, where it was discovered by a  Dutch settler in the early 1800's.   The Mitragyna speciosa plant stayed confined to Southeast Asia - mainly Thailand and Malaysia - for many years before moving west.   The tropical tree grows anywhere from 15-50 feet in height, with oval-shaped broad leaves that taper to a point.  It can also have yellow flowers that grow in clusters and winged seeds.  The plant actually grows wild in the marshy regions of Thailand, Malaysia, New Guinea and Borneo.

Kratom History

Kratoms use in Southeast Asia goes back centuries where it was chewed by peasant workers as a comfort and to give increased energy. It has also been used for centuries as an antidiarrhetic. It later became known as a sort of "opiate-substitute", even more desirable as it was cheaper and allowed users to actually "function" and work while using it, as opposed to opium or cannabis. This was before many country's started to enact laws restricting kratom purchase.

The chemistry of the alkaloids in the mitragyna speciosa wasn't investigated until the 1920's, when mitraynine was isolated as a key agonist. Kratom effects are interesting in that it acts as both a sedative and a stimulant, giving both feelings of euphoria as well as increased energy. Some find it to be an aphrodisiac, while others can experience slight hangover-like effects of nausea. The method and amount of mitragyna speciosa that you use is key to all of this and it's very important that you do some research before jumping to buy kratom, particularly with the stronger kratom extracts.

There are not really traditions on Kratom use in the spiritual sense but it's medicinal uses appear to be quite varied and are still being studied. Of particular importance is Kratoms effectiveness in treating opiate withdrawal and diarrhea. Interestingly, at it's very source, mitragyna speciosa was made illegal in Thailand in 1946 but became an active seller on the ethnobotanicals markets in early 2000's, making its purchase more widely available. mitragyna speciosa is still very much legal in the United States and there are many reputable places to purchase it online. There are also many that are not quite so. Just be sure to do your due diligence, or let us do it for you - by checking out our Kratom Reviews page.

Kratom Effects are often highly misunderstood as are it's potential side-effects. Many rush out to buy Kratom with little understanding of what it is, it's history and it's medicinal properties and either end up disappointed or overdo things and have a bad experience.

Mitragyna speciosa is actually classified, by nature off it's effects, as a Stimulant, a Depressant, and an Intoxicant. Sounds a lot like alcohol, doesn't it? The plant has a long and interesting history from it's origins in Southeast Asia. A lot can be determined about it's effects and side effects simply by studying up on the history and the herb's role in the many cultures.

In essence, the main alkaloids in it are structurally related to psychedlics, but their activity is much different.  The main effects given off by the herb seem to be similar to opioid drugs.  Generally with opioids, there is a problem with difficulty breathing and this is not the case with Kratoms.  In fact, mitragyna speciosa has been used by many as suppress the effects of opiate withdrawal and also as an effective pain killer.

Other Kratom Effects that may be expected? Possible giddiness and sense of well-being is common. Other predominant effects are enhanced energy and cough suppression. Some have taken Kratoms as a treatment for diarrhea as it has a high fiber content. Others use Kratom and the stronger Kratom extracts to prolong sexual intercourse.

Are there possible side effects, as in negative, with Kratom use? Of course. However, they're actually quite rare. Side effects can include such things as dry mouth, irregular urination, loss of appetite, and nausea. Daily use of mitragyna speciosa in high doses over extended periods of time can result in darkening of the skin, nervousness and aggression. If use of Kratom gets to these levels, it is possible to develop some level of dependence on the herb that will require a withdrawal period. Generally the highest concentrations of the alkaloids will be in the Kratom extracts and kratom resin.
Overdose of mitragyna speciosa is possible, though not fatal. Should someone consume entirely too much of the substance in one sitting, the possible outcome would be hallucinations, delusions, tremors, nausea, problems with motor coordination and aggression. To date, there are no known cases of overdoses with fatal or irreversible consequences, even with the extracts.

Does this mean that mitragyna speciosa is perfectly safe for everyone and anyone to take? No, don't be stupid! Obviously, if you have other serious health issues, or are pregnant, or are under 18 - this is not something that you should be experimenting with. However, if you don't fit into one of those categories and want to give it a try, be sure to purchase only through trusted sources. There are plenty of fakes being sold online and caution is still important when it comes to what you put in your body. Check out our Kratom Reviews before making your next move.