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What is kratom?
It’s an herb derived from the leaves of a plant related to the coffee tree.
Users say it’s a safe and effective treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, depression and addiction.
Federal authorities appear to be getting ready to crack down on the botanical drug.
… [We must] protect the public from addictive substances like kratom, both as part of our commitment to stemming the opioid epidemic and preventing another from taking hold. Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner

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http://www.lionheartherbs.com/frequently-asked-questions-faq/ Elwin Robinson, Founder of Lion Heart Herbs, shares answers to the most commonly asked questions about Lion Heart Herbs Herbal…

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GLL’ers- I had a lot of high expectations for Halloween weekend and most of them were a flop. I did learn a few things. I can’t function very well if I don’t…

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Two Nova Scotians are looking for the original owners of a decade-old time capsule they found stuffed into a bottle that may have traveled the Bay of Fundy from New Brunswick.
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