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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield blasted off into space this morning aboard a Soyuz spacecraft and is on his way to the International Space Station, where he is set to make history.
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tafbutton blue16 A Russian Soyuz Capsule Carrying Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield Lifts Off From Baikonur, Kazakstan, Bound for the International Space Station.

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Procter & Gamble says it will change the design of packaging for its miniature laundry detergent product to deter children from eating the brightly colored packets that look like candy.
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Watch the Soyuz capsule land in a cloud of dust as three crew members return safely from the International Space Station.

Full Story:

The Soyuz capsule lands safely in Kazakhstan after returning from the International Space Station.

The two Russian cosmonauts and one U.S. astronaut recover slowly from a long journey and 123 days in space.

Everything is well and a NASA TV commentator calls the touchdown a “Bull’s eye landing.”

Three other International Space Station crew members remain in orbit.

They will be joined by another trio in October, with the launch also taking place in Kazakhstan.

The International Space Station is a $100 billion research complex, orbiting 240 miles above the Earth, and involving 15 countries.

The United States retired its space shuttles last year and is now dependent on Russia to fly astronauts.

The safe landing of the Soyuz capsule will ease concerns about this strategy following a series of mishaps in the Russian space program.

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tafbutton blue16 Soyuz Capsule Returns Safely From International Space Station

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