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Flickr/B Rosen Kratom is an opioid-like supplement derived from a plant native to Southeast Asia. It can be consumed in pills, powder, or tea. On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration sent warning letters to three kratom sellers accused of health fraud scams. It’s the first time the agency has cracked down directly on makers of the supplement.

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The video goes through various scenarios and considerations people have who want to lose weight, just like the lady featured in the video.

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Music by Capsule A short clip of my new video.

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1 quart water 1.5 droppers of sweetleaf flavored stevia (grape is yum!) A few shakes Trader Joes Organic Stevia Extract Options I recommend for hCG Injection…

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After completing its first mission at the International Space Station, SpaceXs Dragon capsule is heading back to earth with nearly a ton of cargo.
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Thalang Police chop down illegal kratom trees at the home of Chaleaw Yodpakdee. After chopping down the trees they stripped them of their narcotic leaves and weighed the leaves – a total of 300 kilos. Video by Thalang Police.

tafbutton blue16 Phuket police chop down illegal kratom trees

South Korean authorities say they plan to crackdown

on the illegal smuggling of so-called “human flesh capsules”.

The pills contain parts of human foetuses or infants and are believed to be sold as stamina enhancement drugs.

But customs officials say they can cause serious health problems.

Al Jazeera’s Wayne Hay is in Seoul.

tafbutton blue16 South Korea cracks down on human flesh capsules

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