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Facts About Kratom Extract

Kratom extracts are prepared by boiling the powdered or crushed leaves of the Mitrogyna speciosa tree and dispersing the water off. The idea is to extract the alkaloid substance from the uncooked leaves.  The intention is that they can be made and traded in a denser format.

Grading Kratom Extractskratom extract

It is general practice to grade extracts as being one-time, five-time, 10-time or some upper number of a particular strain of Kratom. For instance, you may notice Kratom 15-time Bali Extract being marketed by some sellers. Opposite to what the majority of people consider, these figures do not indicate that the extract merchandise is 15 times stronger than Kratom powders or leaves or contain 15 times of the alkaloid content for each gram. In its place, the multiplication mentions the absorption factor by capacity. For instance, a 15x Kratom extract powder would have started off as 15 grams of powdered or crushed raw leaves. Then, tranquillizers are being brought down to one gram. Since there is no regular alkaloid content across dissimilar Kratom trees and there are no general extract principles, a 15x Kratom extract will not essentially be 15 times more concentrated than a 1x Kratom extract.

Uses of the Kratom extract

You can effortlessly buy Kratom extract because it is a legal medicine in the United States that some people employ for its psychoactive results. When taken in lesser dosages, it acts as a stimulant. On the other hand, when the extract is taken in higher dosages, it acts as a tranquilizer. This can create a dreamlike condition that countless people take pleasure in. How you experience kratom usually relies on the condition of your body. So, how much the Kratom extract you must take to obtain a sedative response varies.

In Southeast Asia, people use the new leaves of this tree to treat a range of health setbacks, as well as diarrhea. People will gnaw the leaves for the reason of soreness relief. The leaves are as well, useful to people undergoing withdrawal from opiate medicines.

Effects of Kratom Extract

You can anticipate the effect Kratom extract high to continue four hours for a minimum period and perhaps a maximum of six hours. A higher dosage may last for a longer period. A few people may experience high for a longer period than others. It relies on how long you have been using the extract and the structure of your body.

When you take Kratom extract without mixing it with other medicines, the maximum risk is falling asleep. You should at the same time take caution as involving in dangerous activities. The user should not drive the vehicle under the influence of Kratom extract, even if they feel motivated, rather than drowsy, for drowsiness may approach you without caution. Do not employ climb ladders or power tools, though under the influence of Kratom extract.

Pregnant women should not take Kratom in the form of any medication or drug without the advice of the physician. As there has been no evidence of the risks of the use of Kratom by pregnant women, there is no information about its results in fetal death or birth defects. It is the best idea that any pregnant woman not to use Kratom.

what is kratom

What is Kratom?what is kratom

Kratom, which happens to be a tropical deciduous tree, is mainly found in Southeast Asia. At present, it has become extremely popular all over the world because of its various uses including relaxation, reduction of pain and enhancement of energy levels. You will find this herb in red, white and green variants all of which are extremely beneficial to us. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to throw some light on the different benefits associated with Kratom.

1. Reduces Pain

Kratom leaves are reputed for offering pain relief. Several cultures have used it extensively since the ancient times for minimizing pain associated with different ailments. Since alkaloids are able to affect the hormonal system, the analgesic attributes of Kratom are responsible for eradicating pain very fast. The pain receptors within our system can also be numbed by the alkaloids present in the herb.

2. Enhances the Immune System

The leaves of the Kratom tree are rich in several alkaloids which can have a remarkable effect on our immune system. It helps to provide our body with the required strength to recover quickly. Our immune system is going to be enhanced by the anecdotal ability of Kratom which helps to prevent ailments and also minimize the severity of all diseases.

3. Prevents Anxiety, Mood Swings, and Tension

The herb is great for individuals who are struggling with mental stability problems thanks to its relaxing and soothing effects. People who are suffering from chronic stress, depression, anxiety and mood swings will also find Kratom to be extremely beneficial for them. Apart from controlling the body hormones, it offers great relief from any exhausting symptom because of chemical imbalance.

4. Enhances Heart Health

Our blood pressure levels can be reduced significantly by using Kratom leaves since it consists of chemical components which have a positive effect on the arteries, blood vessels as well as body hormones. It likewise helps to reduce the tension within our cardiovascular system which aids in preventing various types of cardiac diseases. Individuals will also find this herb to be useful since it is responsible for the prevention of serious health issues including cardiac arrests and strokes.

5. Enhances Sex Drive

Folks who are struggling with sexual disorders such as low levels of libido, as well as erectile dysfunction, will find Kratom leaves to be extremely useful. It is also employed as a sexual enhancer and an aphrodisiac. Besides this, the leaves are extremely useful for improving fertility levels. As a result, both males and females will find this herb to be beneficial for enhancing their sexual health.

6. Offers Better Slumber

Another useful attribute of Kratom is that it helps to enhance your sleep quality. In fact, one is sure to have a great night's sleep by consuming tea brewed with the leaves of this herb. Moreover, individuals are going to feel refreshed as well as relaxed the next morning.

7. Enhances Concentration

Kratom is also a reputed for acting like nootropic as well as a focus booster. This amazing herb is responsible for enhancing our mental energy which will help to improve our focus on our daily activities. You will be able to think articulately although you might be performing a difficult mental job.

After going through all these above-mentioned benefits provided by Kratom, it is now clear to us exactly why this herb has gained so much popularity at present. In fact, it can provide all these benefits without any unwanted side effects at all. Nevertheless, make sure to use it in moderate amounts such that you are able to avoid any hangover including headaches and nausea.

kratom capsules

Kratom capsules are widely available from trusted dealers. Like all other drugs and sedative compounds, kratom is also not openly kratom capsulesavailable yet it is increasingly becoming popular due to the fact that it does not produce addictive effects upon constant usage. It is used for a number of different purposes that exhibit unique properties among the two popular types of kratom capsules. Kratom is generally available in powder form but people prefer buying capsules that are convenient and easy to take in.

Kratom Capsules Information

When buying kratom capsules, one must know the right source. The reason being that fake kratom capsules are commonly sold by mixing sand or similar powdered compounds in low quantities of kratom inside the gelatin capsules. With these fake distributions of kratom capsules, people have been complaining about the ineffectiveness of kratom upon higher dosages. In order to avoid this one must know the right source to buy genuine kratom capsules.

Buying genuine kratom capsules can be one thing for starters, but knowing the right dosage to consume is definitely a big concern. People are seen to believe that there is a fixed proportion for kratom capsule dosage however this is not the case in real. The dosage for both types of kratom capsules, Bali or Thai, depends upon the person's integrity to digest and to tolerate the effects of kratom. People mistakenly believe that if one particular dosage is effective for their friend, the same would be good for them however this should not be considered right at all!

Our body works differently and responds in a unique way to the compounds and substances we consume. For some people a very small dosage of kratom capsules would do the thing however some people would want to take a number of capsules to initiate the effects. It also depends upon the metabolism rate that is unique to every individual. In order to find out the right dosage for kratom capsules, a beginner should take in a small quantity of kratom capsules. A single capsule generally contains 500mg of kratom powder therefore for the effects to take place a minimum of2 grams should be taken in to test the effects.

Kratom Capsules Dosage

Usually an amount of 2 to 6 grams is suggestive for first usage in order to determine the level of effects achieved at first attempt. This amount is also considered for relieving mild pains in the body and to achieve a minimal relaxation effect without causing any possible side effects. For some, a mild dosage of 2 to 3 grams would produce desired effects however the amounts can be further increased up to 6 grams to test the different levels of satisfaction.

Twelve capsules would consume 6 grams of kratom powder by producing the right effects in the body however an increased dose of it reaching levels up to 20 or more capsules may be too intense for people who are sensitive to drugs. Therefore it is suggested that these starter amounts should be taken in for the first attempt.

Kratom capsules, unlike extracts, tea and leaves does not have a bitter taste. In addition, unlike kratom tea, which will need to be brewed, kratom capsules can be taken anytime, anywhere without any hazards and nuisance. If compared to kratom extracts, kratom capsules are actually extracts that are encapsulated, eliminating any other necessary things and preparations included in plain kratom extracts. There are also no mess since you only need to take the capsule and you're ready to go.

Buying Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are the number one type of kratom products sold because of its portability and ease of use. There will be no need for extra add-ons like sweetener, hot water, flame, bong, etc. It is also the best form for beginners since they will be able to appreciate the effects of kratom without having to suffer from the bitter taste of kratom leaves and tea. You can always find many kratom vendors online but consider buying from vendors, which focus mainly on selling kratom, because oftentimes, they have the best quality kratom available online.

kratom ban

There are new reports that suggest Kratom may be banned. Many fans have commented on its effects and recommend that others give it a try. Both storefront and online businesses are now selling Kratom on their shelves. A Kratom ban could impact owners who are concerned with its legality. It is up to individual communities to set standards for these products. It is relatively controversial and has attracted its fair share of attention. Buyers should also be wary of the Kratom ban in effect. That could affect their legal standing in their given community. Always do the appropriate research before trying the product itself.

Officially, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has delayed their own ban on Kratom. The plant has undergone some research in select kratom banlabs around the country. There has been both public outcry and a need for additional research. These factors may have influenced the choice by the DEA to delay their official decision. A Kratom ban is a decisive blow for supporters of the plant. It has the potential to ease an epidemic of illegal drug use. Some see Kratom as an alternative to traditional street drugs. With enough research, labs may find that Kratom is safe after all.

The Drug Policy Alliance has issued its own statement on the Kratom plant. They have suggested that it does not belong on the banned substances list. Many supporters are hoping that the DEA does not officially ban the substance outright. Their statement will list a series of important aspects of using Kratom. A community of supporters is now discussing what they can do. Their support for Kratom may have been an influential aspect within the news media. Expect more discussions to take place about the advantages of the plant itself. That could be informative for anyone hoping to get involved.

Some are describing the plant as a painkiller. But the DEA has been hesitant to authorize the legal sale of the drug. The plant has only recently been evaluated in a laboratory setting. That is the traditional means by which a drug may be approved. Kratom is typically packaged and sold as a derivative of the plant. That has helped the product find a place on the shelves. But it was only recently that government officials took note of its value. Longtime supporters will continue to refer to the drug as a painkiller. That may appeal to anyone dealing with a chronic illness.

Local sales of the drug could be monitored by officials. The DEA would only set a federal restriction on the distribution of the drug. There are other means of setting a Kratom ban. Different police departments may have their own take on the drug itself. Users and buyers will want to look in to their own local standards for the drug itself. Communities do have a voice in the regulation of drug sales. Supporters have been discussing Kratom on internet forums. Similarly, neighborhood watch groups and protesters could influence Kratom sales. A Kratom ban may come from a grassroots efforts from a local city.

Kratom better known as Mitragyna speciosa is an amazing evergreen tree that comes from the branch of the coffee family. Because of its beneficial boons, the best kratom from this wondrous plant is harvested in a many parts of the world like Asia, Malaysia and even some parts of Indo china. The leaves of this plant have reticulate venation and are made to cure depression, fatigue, and anxiety too. This one of a kind plant almost has a plethora of benefits that are yet to be discovered. It is even a crucial medicine for those who want to stop their endless crave for tea. This article brings up the top ways with the help of which you can go for the best kratom.

First being, finding the right kratom plant as there are a wide composition of alkaloids found in the kratom plant and some kratom plants are even known for their good stimulating quotient.

Understanding the cure. When opting for kratom plant one must understand the necessary symptoms and procedure associated with it. For instance, if you are an alcohol addictive then kratom plant won’t be able to cure you. Hence, to witness the benefits of this plant one is bound to withdraw alcohols.

The third one is that kratom plants even work magically on both high and low blood pressure. They bring up perfect balance in the body by maintaining your blood pressure levels.

The leaves of these plants are considered best for diarrhea and other intestinal problems. It renders to cure and even prevent your intestine from any sort of disorder that might affect your body.

Kratom, when taken in a controlled amount tends to increase the level of melanin in the body which is an essential hormone of our body. And this increase of melanin protects your skin from the harmful rays UV rays of the sun and even prevents your skin from tanning too.

This plant can be considered as a life saver during winters. As, some of its medicinal properties acts as a relive on high fever or severe cold. Therefore, one can even say that kratom plant is even best to protect oneself from allergies.

If you have a weak immune system then chewing one kratom leaf a day is all you have to do to gain up the strength and stamina that you need.

Chewing the best kratom even cures many addictive habits mainly opium or heroine. As, it was recorded in 1897, by H. Ridely that kratom has a miraculous property that enchants any individual to lose their addiction towards opium.

And last but not the least is that Kratom even brings up extended energy and runs a vibe of motivation all over you body. Thus, it can even be entitled to increase your desire for work.

Overall the big picture portrays that using the best kratom can almost be a life changer for some because of its authentic life changing abilities. The leave of this plant might look ordinary but they are packed with some extraordinary qualities.

There are many different effects of kratom that are associated with the Kratom which ranges from pharmacological pain management to the management of stress and anxiety. It is also important to note that Kratom is produced from different geographical location like Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and each of them has a unique kratom effect. But the benefit of kratom relies on prescribed dose, weight, metabolism and the personal tolerance of an individual.

One of the most popular types of Kratom is Red Vein Kratom due to its effects of killing even the advanced pain. It is also used for replacement of the medical prescriptions that are based on opiate. It is used in providing a relief to an opiate withdrawal either from the recreational use or as a medication.

Thai kratom is not just used for management of pain, but it is also important because of the motivational as well as stimulation qualities. Stimulation that is being talked about here is not intense but it comes with pleasant waves of euphoria and it also calms an individual.

The best thing with kratom is its ability to have a variety of effects depending on the mood of the user and the dose. With relaxation, the red vein kratom is the best option. It can also provide the energy as well as clear thinking of an individual who wants the work motivation or inspirations. Red vein kratom is also capable of helping one to control anxiety and stress. This is so due to the fact that kratom can bring about relaxation and unwinding to the user. Moreover, it also gives one the courage to face the difficult moments.

Bali kratom is also another type of kratom that provides more pronounced kratom effects because of its sedation, pain killing and relaxation effects that are more felt as compared to Thai Kratom. It is good to note that every type of kratom is unique in its benefits and effects in general; where some are good for motivation and motivation others are more effective in pain management.

White vein kratom is also another type though it is not very popular as compared to red vein kratom. White vein kratom is very good because of its "get up and go" kratom effects that are very unique. It is even used by some people instead of coffee for breakfast so as to provide the energy rush for the day. Maeng da is the kind of white vein kratom that is widely known because of its high content of alkaloids which gives a mildly stimulating effect.

White vein kratom has also been being used for insomnia. But this should not be confused with the statement that kratom gives energy or stimulation. It is supposed to be understood that kratom has numerous effects and one of this is causing you to sleep. This effects occurs mostly when its energy effect subside where one starts getting relaxed and unwind. Remember that white vein kratom is supposed to be effective during the day because it provides energy but as the day progresses, the user starts feeling relaxed and sleepy.

It is also important to note that all types of kratom have the effects of pain management but the level effects of kratom differ from one another and one has to choose according to his or her need.

What is Kratom?
Kratom is a tropical tree reaching a height of 3 to 15 meters in height and spread in Thailand and Malaysia. Has large leaves, pointed at the tip,and yellow flowers growing in clusters . In the wild state grows in marshy areas of the Pacific and Asia region, especially in Malaysia, Thailand,New Guinea and Borneo.

The main active ingredients are mitraphylline, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Kratom leaves are chewed for centuries in South Asia and Thailand because of euphoric, sedative and stimulant effects.

It seems that Kratom is used for centuries - for fun or as a remedy for diarrhea.

The chemical composition of its alkaloids has been studied in the twenties of the twentieth century, and mitragynine isolated in 1923 in Kratom leaves become part of trade in the U.S. and Europe in the mid-2000s. In the early twenty-first century in Internet forums appear posts about Kratom to alleviate withdrawal symptoms in opiate dependence.

How to use?
Kratom leaves can be chewed fresh or dried. Also can be smoked, boiled as tea or extract.

What the user feels?

Mitragynine is a agonist at the mu-and delta-opioid receptors and this is probably the reason for its efficacy in the treatment of opiate withdrawal. Since Kratom acts as a sedative and as a stimulant, and probably its secondary alkaloids have important pharmacological effects.

The effects of using Kratom are often described as simultaneous and contradictory. Drug tells of sedatives such as opiates and stimulant like cocaine. Incentive effects usually dominate at low doses and can be expressed in terms of energy, alertness and mild euphoria.

At higher doses, the effects were more soothing and inducing drowsiness, similar to the opioid. Excessive doses may cause dizziness, very strong nausea and / or vomiting.

Described and effects such as feelings of empathy, act as an aphrodisiac, a change in the ability to focus the eyes, analgesia, mild depression during or after use, feeling hot and sweating; hangover like alcohol.

Kratom is used as a substitute for opium and it was observed that suppresses withdrawal symptoms.
Some users reported mild visual effects both in open and closed eyes. They consist of twitching and visual field changes, the occurrence of colorful shapes with closed eyes.

Ingestion Kratom effects are becoming noticeable after about 15-20 minutes and completely obvious after 30-60 minutes. At high doses, the effects can be much faster and with stronger start. At moderate dosage strength of effects continues 2-4 hours, although the residual effect may last several hours longer. Some users feel pleasant agitation of the next day.

Is it addictive?
There is evidence for the occurrence of physical dependence on frequent and intensive use of Kratom.

What are the risks?
It is not known Kratom to be poisonous , but its use at high doses, it can be rather unpleasant, since it causes nausea and vomiting

use can lead to physical dependence

use of Kratom can cause constipation, similar to opioids. It is known that chronic use causes enhanced skin darkening, insomnia, and dry mouth anorexia

There must be no driving or operating machinery under the influence of Kratom

Use of Kratom with other sedatives or stimulants is risky

Combination of monoamine oxidase inhibitors and Kratom can be very dangerous. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are certain types of antidepressants, subject to prescription.

Kratom resin is fast becoming the most popular form of tea in the world today, thanks to its array of benefits that have not been rivaled. Asia for instance is home to the most popular teas and it's no wonder Kratom is originally Asian. It might not have been marketed exclusively but those who have discovered the power behind Kratom know exactly what kind of herb they are having.

Benefits of Kratom Resin

Enhanced sexual energy

Let's face it, sexual activity is somewhat what makes a man increase libido and loss of it will indeed be a great loss. There are thousands of remedies for correcting low libido in men but most of them are either not effective or have far reaching side effects. Kratom is natural and has been proven to have no known side effects.

2.Feel-good attitudekratom resin
Kratom has been discovered to bear elements resembling those of opium but directly not like it. It is a kind of drink that brings life to users under several circumstances. It is not surprising how most users have attributed their new-found joy and vitality to this tea which luckily is a product of nature with zero harmful additives. As a matter of fact it has been recommended as an aid for withdrawal from cocaine and morphine among other addictions.

3.Amazingly sedative
You will be your own judge but if kratom resin is taken in substantial amounts it causes one to get naturally relaxed. One is guaranteed of some cool sleep in appreciative circumstances. The best part is that it contains no hangovers as you would expect with other drinks. It has actually been proven to lighten the dullest of moods setting in a jovial existence.

4.Easy to brew
Kratom like any other type of tea is easy to brew and will take only a few of your minutes. Once you have the leaves or ingredients with you, you are good to go. Making a cup or two of kratom resin does not require any form of rocket science because the basics are easy to get, and besides it is not poison. The fact that it is a bitter brew makes it even more effective for its course.

5.It is an established cure or remedy for arthritis.
The fact that Kratom tea brightens up individuals, it gives arthritis patients the will to live positively without focusing on their conditions. This helps with attitude development which is necessary in the healing process of virtually any ailment or condition.

Most of the users of this herb are from Asia and the United States although it is widely accepted as a remedy for illegal stuff trading across the world. It can be used either as crushed leaves or in powder form whereby they use it to brew tea. So far it does not feature as a FDA regulated commodity but users can be sure of the fact that it has not been banned in any quarter whatsoever. It is however advisable to purchase only from recognized dealers to avert chances of getting counterfeits.

Kratom is a medicinal leaf, originating from South East Asia, also known by the scientific name of Mitragyna speciosa. Bali is a widely known brand that sells kratom worldwide, and has been rated by many users as one the best kratom types, conveniently sold at affordable prices.

Bali Kratom is normally sold in crashed leaves or powder, and can be bought online or in herb stores.
There are many other types of kratom, such as Thai Kratom, which is known to be slightly stronger than Bali Kratom.

However, before you begin your search in finding the best kratom type, ensure that you have a good understanding of its health benefits, and you know how to consume it responsibly.

1. How does kratom work?

The kratom leaf contains alkoloids, which work on the psychological side of the human body. The alkaloids present in the leaf stimulate the brain activity and affects the overall 'state of mind'.

2. What are the health benefits of using kratom

The leaf has medical powers in relaxing the human mind, whilst keeping great levels of awareness and a positive attitude. After consuming the leaf, in moderation, users reported to feel an overall feeling of well-being and raised energy levels. Some say that it is similar with coffee, but much better.

Kratom may also be used as a painkiller or a sedative. By consuming different dosages of the medicinal leaf, you can control the effects that it will have on your body. For instance, consuming over 16 grams of kratom is the dosage that creates a sedation feeling. Please be aware not to overdose.

Different dosages work for different people, so do ensure to adopt the right quantify for you. Start with 4 grams and only increase steadily, listening to your body reactions.
4. How to ensure you are purchasing the best kratom quality?

Research shows that darker kratom leaves, pressed or as a powder, are a better quality than the rest. Be aware that a darker color leaf it's also known to have a stronger effect on the body, so consume it responsibly. This is mostly applicable to Bali Kratom and Red Vein Borneo Kratom.
The ability to find the best kratom type may also be dependent on the country you live in. If you leave in US or Europe, you can easily buy in online or in store. However, due to overuse of the medicinal leaf, kratom is illegal in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Australia.

5. Are there any risks of consuming this leaf, even if it is the best kratom on the market?

If used in moderation, kratom is not a dangerous product. However, it's not advised for pregnant women to consume any dosage of kratom. Although there are not any studies on negative effects that kratom may have on pregnancy, it is a common practice to advise against any medication consumption in this period.

In order to redeem the most benefits out of consuming kratom, ensure to purchase the best kratom quality, such as Bali Kratom, and follow guidelines to use it responsibly.

There are times when you just don't know where to get the fuel to continue on with your work. Sometimes, the lack of inspiration and driving force can keep you in the dumps for hours, days, weeks and for others, even months. Have you ever wanted to try using outside stimulants in order to get some "high" feelings? Have you often admired those artists that can openly use marijuana and other herbal stimulant in order to get inspired or stimulate their senses? If you want to get high using a herbal product, yet is afraid with marijuana effect, then how about trying out the kratom, and get yourself high with the kratom effects.

Getting To Know Kratom and Kratom Effects

What is kratom? What is a kratom effect? Is kratom effect safe, is it legal? Where can you get a kratom? These are some of the questions that are running inside your head. Well, to start knowing more about kratom, here is an introduction about the product.

Kratom is the herbal leaf of a tree from Rabiaceae family which is commonly known as the coffee family. The tree is known as Thom or Ketum. It was discovered by Dutch botanist, by the name of Pieter Kortals. This herbal leaf is native to Malaysia and Thailand where it is traditionally used to treat diarrhea. It is also used as an analgesic and as an opiate addiction treatment. In order to receive the kratom effect, it is either chewed, smoked or boiled.

What is in it?
Kratom contains a number of alkaloids like mitraphylline, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine which have a direct kratom effects on the brain. The last two alkaloid mentioned are considered to have the same effect as a sedative opiate at higher doses and as a stimulant in lower doses. Mitrgaynine, an opioid agonist, can act like real opiates like heroin. Kratom is currently being used in some institutions as a way to help drug addicts to relieve themselves from opiate addiction. This product actually works as a stimulant, anti-depressant, pain killer and anti-anxiety. Though, it is still largely unknown at what dosage is the kratom effect safe or when the kratom effects can result to addiction.

However, there are some facts that can indicate whether you are receiving the bad or good kratom effect. The first is that at low doses, kratom can provide its users alertness, concentration, physical energy, and allows the users to be more sociable, relax, and allows you to be more talkative than usual. On the other hand, if you have taken in high doses of kratom, you will become really happy and less sensitive to any negative stimulant like pain and depression. You might also experience a dream like state wherein you appreciate all things and you will find everything pleasurable.

According to studies, this substance can also have intoxicating and depressing effects; however, scientist claims that it can be used as a drug or medicinal substance. It is a fact that any kind of drug that is abused can have negative effects on the body. As previously mentioned, the kratom effects on helping opiate and morphine addicts during withdrawal is safer that is why kratom is used to help these addicts.

Any kind of drug can be addictive even if kratom effect is safe; it is still not advisable to take in higher dosages of this drug. Though using it at lower dosages isn't that bad.

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