That seems to be a growing question these days, as people have gotten wind of things like "herbal incense", k2, Salvia, and other cool stuff like that, they've also heard about Kratom and curiosity it peaked.

So just what is kratom? Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is a tree belonging to the rubiaceae genus. Interesting only because it is also the genus that the coffee tree belongs to. Kratoms are widely known for inducing pleasurable physical effects upon consumption, among those some psychoactive effects. Many people have come to use mitragyna speciosa to treat things like chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, boredom, among other things. It has also been named as an alternative to methadone for those suffering from opiate addiction.

As far as consuming mitragyna speciosa, it's a tricky process with dosage and that is why research and preparation are recommended. Dosage levels of Kratoms will vary depending on the type of Kratoms, season of harvest, and the person taking it. In very low doses, Kratom Effects may be more of a stimulant but in higher doses it is a sedative similar to an opiate..

There are also many ways to consume Kratoms (again - research). In many areas of Southeast Asia, Kratom leaves have traditionally been chewed fresh. Kratom can also be extracted to make a very concentrated and powerful resin. mitragyna speciosa can be smoked but it is believed that most of the valued alkaloids are burned off by heat, so there will be little effect from this. Most boil Kratoms in water to make a tea for drinking. When drinking Kratom tea, the taste is usually pretty awful and bitter but one that can be acquired over time.

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mitragyna speciosa is a product that is being enjoyed by thousands of people on a daily basis at this point and, should you decide to join them, your best bet would be to do your homework and only use products from reputable dealers and read a lot of reviews before making any moves. Don't just grab something from a flashy website, Craigslist, ebay or a forum on blind trust - chances are it's crap and possibly dangerous.

Check out the kratom reviews on our site as we've taken great pains to do your homework for you. Enjoy.

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