There are increasing numbers of people interested in Kratom and, with that, what the particular Kratom effects are and potential side effects may be from it's use. What you learn may surprise you.

Kratom Effects and the Potential Side Effects of Using Mitragyna speciosa

The effects and possible side effects of Kratoms are minimal. Some possible side effects are nausea, constipation, insomnia, and low libido. The more serious side effects are darkening of the skin, dry cottonmouth, weight loss, and the inability to sleep. The worse case scenario is hallucinations, aggressive behavior, schizophrenia, and delusions. This type of behavior displays itself in people who are long time users of Mitragyna speciosa. The use of other drugs could intensify the potency of Kratoms. Using other drugs with Mitragyna speciosa without consulting a physician is not advisable. As with any drug or narcotic Kratom can be habit - forming.

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People who purchase Kratom and use Kratoms regularly may experience symptoms of withdrawals, if they cut back on the consumption. Other signs of withdrawal may be a runny nose, aggravation, and muscle cramps. Usually recreational use is not addictive. It is also advisable that individuals who take depressants, and medication for Parkinson Disease not take any form of Kratoms.

Like any medication, it is possible to overdose on Mitragyna speciosa but very rare. Although, the symptoms of overdose is not severe enough to cause death; it does however, poses a psychotic threat of a mental breakdown. It is also possible that the continuous use of Kratom could irritate pre-existing health problems, even at moderate levels. These are only some of the known side effects of Kratoms. Not all the possible side effects are available. As when taking any drugs, the operation of machinery and driving is prohibited.

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People purchase Kratom for different reasons. Some people are curious about it, and only want to satisfy their curiosity. Some individuals which know of Mitragyna speciosa, it uses, and it effectiveness, buy Kratom to experience some psychoactive stimulation. People who suffer from any mental disorders should not consume it even in low doses. Kratoms could cause a severe reaction if taken with other medications.

Purchase the plant in low doses if possible, this cut down on the potency of Kratoms as well as the desire to consume it often. The bitter taste of Mitragyna speciosa could account for the nausea so many people experience. The drug is usually taken with large quantities of sweeteners, such as sugar, and honey.

While extensive studies has not been conducted on humans, it is said that signs of depression and feelings of physical fatigue has been felt among users who have ceased in the regular use of the plant.

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