Kratom,with a scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, is a large tree grows mainly in Southeast Asia from the Rubiaceae family (same family with coffee). Its leaves that usually reach up to 7 inches have dark green tint. Kratom leaves have been used for medicinal purposes in different Asian countries most especially in Malaysia and Thailand. There are many types of kratom available and It is known as a good remedy for chronic pain and diarrhea. It is also used by Asian people as a stimulant and sedative.

Kratom leaves are tradionally chewed, brewed and extracted while there are some who prefers to smoke kratom leaves. Its leaves whether dried or fresh, have a very strong taste when chewed. That is why most people prefer to dry the leaves and crush them into powder. Powdered kratom leaves can be added to one's meal or mixed with juices. It is also made into a tea. Today, kratom is popular with its extract. The leaves are dried and have undergone chemical process that only retains its akaloids like mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitraphylline. Some of these extracts are placed on small pellets so it can be taken easily without totally sensing its distinct bitter taste. Some love to add kratom extracts on their usual teas.

Nowadays, there are a lot of kratom varieties sold to the public. Here are some of them:

According to where it is fromtypes of kratom
Bali - most common of kratom leaves, includes the 15x Standardized Kratom extract, as well as Kratom Resin Extract Pies.
Malaysian - known as the Green Malay kratom from the Malaysian peninsula
Indonesian - thought of to be less in strength compared to Bali and Malaysian kratom

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According to its color
Red Vein - kratom made from leaves with red veins; found to be more sedative
White Vein - products made from white veined kratom leaves

According to the extraction process
Full Spectrum Kratom Extracts - believed to be more euphoric, has the same alkaloids with kratom leaves
Non-Full Spectrum Kratom Extracts - contains less alkaloids

Kratom in different forms are known for the following effects depending on its dosage:

Low dosage - It makes the user become more physically energetic and mentally alert. That means, if you use a little dose of kratom, you will feel that you can do more activities than the usual. It also helps user to have more focus on doing their daily task. It gives a euphoric feeling to the users that makes them become more sociable to people.

High dosage -Users will become more tolerable to pain. It will aid it keeping a person feel calmer. It relaxes both the mind and the body. It is also used to aid people who have difficulty in having a good sleep. With high dosage, users may experience nausea but once they sit down and relax, the nausea will disappear. In return, consumers will become more delighful in listening to music.

Kratom is effective only for 6 hours and the higher the dose, the stronger the effects. However, it is made clear that kratom is non-addictive if it is taken carefully and responsibly.

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