Writing A Letter To Congress on Salvia

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www.letsgotoclass.net Reddit www.reddit.com Digg: digg.com Twitter: twitter.com Erik gives you a quick beginners guide to writing letters to congress while smoking salvia! This is an episode of Being Productive On Salvia, link here: www.youtube.com

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chnm says:

noone gives? a shit how old you are faggot

Hikmat503 says:

he got stuck in step 1? LMAO

flyingtaffy says:

Drugs are so interesting? thumbs up!!! P.S. I am 13 years old.

ffishy100 says:

Well that’s one? way to help them make it illegal……..

banginlikebelzebub says:

the? legend

briy123 says:

this was brilliant?

AchievementX360Nerds says:


monkyyy0 says:

lol congressmen dont write bills; they only? vote on the bill lobbyists send them

dremarcleb says:

Can? you do a video of watching Halloween while on Salvia?

AchievementX360Nerds says:

this is how congress writes their bills?

eruption257 says:


bobie668 says:

im hight? has fuck and i cant stop loling at this shit

bubbaman235 says:

that was crap, i didnt learn anything from it?

J1SMOKES says:

Lol dear harry bush .. I mean Read? blaaa blaaa bll grr

Nenamorut says:

Man,? that looks like a great trip!!! My Salvia trips were so confusing and uncomfortable.

650chendogg says:

DeAr cohjnGREss, Fukk you i? llike dogs

Keith Fox says:

yeah you look? fine… [sarcasm-worry]

da1nonlydoron says:

I too? laughed really hard! :)

jcozza92 says:


chingchangchongfly says:

Shut up?

halo13apocrypha says:

Social insight and satire at it finest! Smart people make? great posts like this. . Another rare gem for YouTube.I sincerely thank you for this!

TruthRealityForce says:

We should all write letters to congress about the necessity of seeking and living truthfully. If you care? about truth and honesty, search for “Truth Contest” in Google and go to the website, then click on “The Present” to open it. What it says will transform us and the world we live in. This is not religion, it is truth you can check and see, here and now.

geekymarianne says:

I? really have to ask… did you post this version of the letter to your congressman? :D

conman2317 says:

Same here, i didn’t see anything, I just? became one with my bed and my legs split it was so weird.

geekymarianne says:

Salvia is a bizarre drug, when I took it, it felt like an intense wave of gravity pinned me to the bed and split me in two… then the room turned into a candle lit temple, and I was suddenly a priestess being taught by a goddess, kneeling at the altar looking at the candles… my (now ex) girlfriend told me that I was laughing hysterically too, but I wasn’t aware of laughing at all and didn’t feel amused… when I came out of it I felt rather? shaken up but my ex loved the stuff, i hated it lol

zombiefood702 says:

Looks fun :D ?

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