wild lettuce

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wild lettuce growing all over my back yard.

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paintballtfo says:

ya cause iv looked for it growing around my house cant find any

420grower420 says:

tried it Smoking = nothing tea from sap = nothing sap mixed with water and
set to dry to harden and mix hardened sap with tea = nothing making tea
from dried out leaves that have dried for 2 weeks = makes you sleepy but
with enough of it it might get you somewhere, i only had a small cup full.

BooshgaFilms says:

thats wild lettuce:O those little weed things i have all over my garden?
sir… I tip my hat to you

jrludvik says:

O.o I always thought the whole “smoking lettuce” thing was a joke…

fungiscience says:

go to erowid and read through the wild lettuce experiences (go to
preperation/recipes) to lear how to make your own extract and how to use it.

fungiscience says:

are you asking me where you can buy it?

olivier5000 says:

Loll you smoke wild lettuce omfg lolll

polishkilla94 says:

@hankeybillfred you can get it off of ebay for only 5.79 a gram and free
shipping, and u smoke it like hash:)

NylaBUNO says:

umm … so u smokee it? or what

fungiscience says:


paintballtfo says:

where do you get it

paintballtfo says:

where you get it srry im asking lots of Qs

dual1tyx says:

@jrludvik You don’t smoke it you eat it

fungiscience says:

almost every continent in the world, but being any more specific would take
WAY too long

paintballtfo says:

cool thinks man is there any way to get it or what

ABOODY006 says:

Smoke it or make tea of it. The best way is just clean it out and let it
dry. You can also boil it in the water for a few hours, squeeze the juices
out of the leaves, Then let the water boil out till you have a Brown –
Yellowish oil like substance. Put the leaves back in and let them suck the
juices then put them on a pan and blow torch them for a few minutes. Then
put it next to heat lamp. Smoke it and have fun. This way it gets you high.
Not that high though. You wont see rainbows…

paintballtfo says:

like where

hankeybillfred says:

Oh, THATS wild lettuce? ok two questions, how do you get the extract, and
how do you take it?

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