Using Neurotin & Kratom for Depression

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This is a video explaining the different things I use to overcome depression. I have very limited medical experience aside from going to doctors regularly fo…

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Alicia Hayes says:

Hey guys! I have recently noticed this video is getting a lot of dislikes.
I need feedback to understand why. Thanks!?

CurtReviews says:

phenibut helps too with depression?

Derek L says:

Try switching vendors. It worked for me once. I was buying kratom from
kratom king, but built a pretty high tolerance. I switched to green dragon
kratom and it worked. have you tried them? they have really fresh and
potent kratom.

Derek L says:

I usually have 2 or 3 different strains to rotate. bali, maeng da, and
white vein. I’m trying to stick with the more stimulating strains now since
bali has the strongest opiate like effect and I find myself the most
addicted to that one. I go through quite a lot of it. I’ve noticed with the
stimulating strains that lower doses work better. So it lasts longer too. I
still have a huge 1 kilo sized bag of bali that I need to stay away from
for a while.?

Derek L says:

How long have you been taking Kratom and have you ever built a tolerance? I
noticed that at times my Kratom won’t work at all and then there will be a
day where it just starts working again. I do make sure that I rotate

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