The Kratom News for January 2012

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The Kratom news is a monthly review of what is going on with Kratom. In this episode we reviewed kratom’s legality. We will be reviewing the recent unfounded ban of kratom in the state of Virgina, as well as Ireland, and other countries. There are also developments with the Canadian/USA border deal that make tighter restrictions for all herbs and natural products, including kratom. We are discussing the politics of the FDA, Ron Paul, the codex Alimentarius agenda, and much more. In this episode there is also a link put up to the recent ban proposition for kratom in Pennsylvania. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET INVOLVED AND JOIN THE KRATOM ASSOCIATION TO TAKE ACTION. WE NEED TO MAKE OUR VOICE HEARD TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS! Here is a link to the PA ban proposal: In Louisiana you can purchase Kratom, but not for human consumption! Louisiana courts can sentence you to HARD LABOR if you possess Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) for human consumption under Louisiana Act Number 159 (

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Mandoon says:

keepkratomlegal . org/petition

Save the? world from illegal laws!

Drobium77 says:

Nah! it’s pronounced ‘ape-knee’ , like “y’oright matey, gorr’enny ape’knee? on ya feh yer fish n chiips?”

Nah, matey oi ent gorr owt on me, youv gunna av teh ask anuthur’ un!

esnap says:

Actually, The way the English language works, as far as pronunciation is? this:
You say it however your local dialect accepts it.

If you want to call an foreign substance with a foreign name Kray-tum even though Indonesians may pronounce it Krah-toom is fine.

People in California may agree to pronounce the state kal-e-forn-ya but we all know it is kahl-ee-forn-ee-a.

That’s my ha’pence or should I say half-pence?

BlackAlamut says:

?????? ??????, ???????????? ?????? (Mitragyna speciosa) ? ????????? ?????? ?? ???????? “????? ??????”, ????? ????? –

ikambor says:

Thank God?

ikambor says:

keep up the good work,, Kratom saved my life… I became addicted to vicodin because of my herniated disk, I got to the point where the addiction? caused me to start dr shopping and before the crackdown on internet slaes,, I successfully obtained 3 different prescriptions providing 280 pillsevery 21 days. I was in trouble then I found kratom and it took away my cravings I can make a 20 pill prescription last far beyond the prescribed dosage, and I have my life back,

kratomassociation says:

@baby13sc: Absolutely. Kratom is just a colloquial term for Mitragyna Speciosa. I’ve heard people say it so many ways and argue how it should be said.? Especially in various US states (depending on their accents). Some say “Kray-tomb” others say “Krah-tum”, others say “Krah-tome”. Personally, I’ve? heard it pronounced as “Krah-tome” by various ethno botanists studying it. One will find this pronounciation is closest to the Indonesian translation. I am always amused by people’s preferences. :D

baby13sc says:

to-ma-toe toe-mah-toe
people have different ways of pronunciation with? accents and other variables.

OnlyTheTyrant says:

Kratom is the only viable way to get off strong opiates, it really? works, and has saved many people from a chronic opiate dependency.

gondale69 says:

ur? the man bow dowm lol

Drobium77 says:

I agree!
If it’s a double consonant after an ‘A’ or ‘E’ then it’s pronounced in the lower case, eg.
‘Latt’ as in ‘Latter’ and ‘Lat’ as in ‘Later’.

Therefore ‘Kratom’ is pronounced? ‘Kray-tom’ not ‘Kratt-om’.

Trust me, I’m an Englishman from Warwickshire, 20 miles from where Shakespear was born.

BTW, it’s pronounced ‘Wo-rick-sheer’ not ‘War-wick-shy-er’ lol!

Drobium77 says:

I’ve been taking it for over 2 years now and must say that if I abruptly stop, I do get mild WD’s, but they are more annoying then anything else.
The best thing I think about Krat is how, if you’re an alcoholic like I was, it kills stone dead the craving for alcohol and make you never nee to touch the stuff again.
I hope the governments keep their? noses out, they really shouldn’t be telling me what I can and can’t put in my body.
I hope that England stays liberal in this respect?

PandoraKyss says:

Just to? point out that kratom was stricken from the 2011 Pennsylvania law and is, as of now, safe and legal. It was originally on the bill alongside everything else, but for some reason they took it off, thankfully. Can’t say the same for salvia.

scradincunt says:

I feel great as in no withdrawls and find it easy to stop.But i am in chronic pain without it so that sucks.Kava Kava is about a 4 out of ten for? pain but Kratom is a 8 for me for pain and 10 for overall effects and health.To me it a health supplement rather than a high but it does get me high as in i feel nice on it.People say they don’t get High off it because its not unhealthy or toxic in large doses like other “Highs” can be.Its like a ginseng painkiller that makes you feel wonderful.

scradincunt says:

I have been on kratom for 7 months four times a day.Cut down for two days and just ran out two days ago.I have had ZERO withdrawls.I took two teaspoons four times a day so the trick is to keep your tolerance at this level which is easy.I have aslo taken kava kava and guayusa so maybe this? helped.Kratom is a life saver i’ve had chronic pain for a year and without it i’d be in an awful state.I feel great after two days off it.It can cause withdrawls if you take large amounts and come off suddenly

mitch john says:

THANK YOU! I think everyone really appreciates what you are doing.? It’s fairly obvious to anyone who takes kratom that it does not provide any sort of “high” greater than caffeine. The difference is, instead of making you jittery and anxious, it makes you calm and focused. I cannot drink coffee because I am caffeine sensitive, kratom helped me stay focused throughout college and graduate with honors, while everyone else was popping adderall and red bull.

Jason West Jones says:

I like energy shots over kratom. They work much? better.

baby13sc says:

the government isn’t going to wake up.they’re not ignorant to these situations, unknowingly passing laws, wasting money, entering wars for nothing. it’s an agenda. this is a plutocracy/oligarchy
this is why the most benign substances/plants? are illegal/demonized, and the dangerous substances are legal/prescribed(meth is even prescribed with medical use under schedule II while weed is schedule I)
and people don’t think for themselves. dependent on government instead of making their own change.

TheStomperReed says:

Its worth it.? I need to make an order when I get extra money I love this plant.

TheStomperReed says:

there is? many ways to pronounce Kratom.

mar400071 says:

ahahaha yea i ordered from them finally after ? looking through many forums, definitely best deal just takes a week to get it

Tim Radcliffe says:

omg…? its KRA like Crayfish, not KRA like crackhead! pronounce it right!!

Pantheist1 says:

A great piece of work. Professional, mature, & informative. Ive been using kratom for 3yrs now and I stop when I choose to. Its always been? just a mood lifter for me & I function quite normally in daily life even when on it. Ive occasionally suffered with depression down the years (being prescribed pills for it) but as an human anti-depressive substance kratom shines brightly due to the effects being instant rather than dosing for wks to get a result (like regular anti-deps). It is NOT a high.

Gunn420leafs says:



Thee “ANSWER” (to “Why Ban?”) is right in there , in between 1:20 -? 1:30 somewhere. oooh, what is IT? what ARE those $Fields$ , the ones that Gov/Mil $PEND Sooo Much Time Guarding, Make $ooo much Money from??? hmmm… almost had it.

(By&By : pre-emptive “headsUp”) time spent even Attempting to ‘point out difference , distinguish between’ 2 of ‘same’ = Wasted (on moi).


tenderevolved says:

Hello. I am? new to Kratom and was researching it. I defenetly want to try it, I live in virginia, do you know if USA vendors will ship to vrginia? Thanks in advance.

Armookie says:

As far as I know its the customs risk of destroying the goods they attempt to ship and the risk of loosing payment methods over the internet. The easy way around that is to order your goods and arrange to deposit payment direct into the venders bank account. I do it that way anyhow as most vendors have lost easy payment? mothods.

scradincunt says:

it doesn’t mess you up like other things but c’mon it does feel quite nice i definatley get a high or nice feeling.I know we don’t want to be irresponsible and lump in with dangerous substances but i’d feel like such a bad liar saying it doesn’t get me high,but i suppose it depends on your definition of “High” for some? people exercise and music can be a natural high then theres drugs which you can get messed up on which kratom definatley isn’t…..but it does get me high

scradincunt says:

Hi yes there’s one or two vendors that ship from the UK but some other vendors don’t ship to other countries where its illegal.I’m just worried the vendors i get it off don’t know about it yet and? will soon stop shipping.If i was a vendor who loved kratom i’d definatley ship it to countries where its banned out of compassion for the kratom users,especially for pain control and people fighting depression.Are there any reprecussions for vendor who ship to the banned countries?

Armookie says:

Can? you not just order it from the UK? I have not seen a kratom seller in the UK that says it won’t ship to Ireland. I just think they will not replace it if customs gets hold of it and I think you would be unlucky if they did.

scradincunt says:

Hi kratom association good work,how do i go about making kratom legal in ireland after its just been? banned? HELP!!!!

scradincunt says:

On the addiction thing i’ve been on it everyday multiple times a day for months for pain control and i had zero problem giving up by 2-3 day weaning on multiple occasions.When your new to it and inexperienced you could? get unpleasant WD’s if you went off suddenly after indulging for days and not weaning.But really haven’t found it addicting at all,i don’t yearn for it when i don’t have it,it just it sucks being in pain.

scradincunt says:

agreed the the pharma-mafia are all greedy scumbags.The codex thing is disgusting.I live in ireland and was taking kratom for chronic pain and it was the only thing that worked as i didn’t get perscribed anything stronger than difene.Now i;ll run out soon and if i can’t get kratom will be in constant pain.I think? vendors should ship to countries where its been made illegal cause nothing can happen to the vendor if its legal in there country.There not gonna be extradited haha

Cantorious says:

This is ridiculous. It’s obvious why, kratom helps people quit oxy/heroin etc. and that’s bad news for certain people who profit off of that. Kratom is about addictive as a cup of coffee and has tremendous? benefits that I have noted in my life. You can’t criminalize nature.

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