Suffering from Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Etc..?

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Enjoy icon smile Suffering from Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Etc..? Herbs for Anxiety: 1.Schisandra 2.Gotu Kola 3.Ashwagandha 4.Goji *Kratom Herbs for Insomnia: 1.Erythrina Mulungu (Verna) 2. Pedicularis species 3.Va…

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william higgins says:

Make more videos! I LOVE YOU… no homo?

Terence Mckenna says:

hi I just came across your channel researching lucid dreaming and may I
just say that I really enjoy your videos. I hope to see more from you and
this video is right down my alley…I was prescribed Xanax as well but I
was afraid to take it after I saw what drugs like that did to my brother
with schizophrenia. anyways im glad I found your vids and im subbing for

Kurt Klimanski says:

It’s kind of a long story. At first, i thought i could live life without
meditation for awhile. I moved to a new area and was around new people. I
was very busy and meditation kind of slipped away from me. It was a major
mistake because there are really no excuses to stop meditating. Without
meditation, my life felt like a bomb ready to explode at any minute. Don’t
want to go through that again haha.

swires86 says:

You´re absolutely right, that´s how I feel like a new-born person now after
suffering years and years of avolition, anxiety & depression. As for diet,
it´s basically the same nowadays in Europe as well, in western countries in
general. Interestingly, only some persons seem to get the psychic symptoms,
I think it either comes down to the genes or even down to personality
types, i.e. for example if you´re either a brainy type (requires more mag)
or less of a thinker.

Kurt Klimanski says:

No problem! I will be uploading videos more frequently now because i have a
bunch of topics to talk about and i enjoy sharing them.

bcom11 says:

did you prepare the kava kava correctly? there is a hawaiian preparation
method that one should use that ensures you’re affected by the kavatones.

TheSilverguy79 says:

Prozac type drugs like Xanax are dangerous, it will take you a few months
to completely clear out of your system you may also have withdrawals, watch
“Corruption in the Pharma industry” 1 to 8 John Virapen also anything by
Mike Adams AKA the health ranger and Deepak Chopra is good to listen to
including seven spiritual laws of success “work less make more money” he
says and also” I take the money but I don’t need the money.” thumbs up on
that one.!

jane baghori says:

Thank you for the video, very helpful! Jane

bcom11 says:

actually the #1 reason now being found for widespread anxiety and
depression is magnesium deficiency. the american diet in particular, is
very calcium building, magnesium which is needed to break down excess
calcium is depleted in the soil and we get none of it despite it being
needed for 300+ body functions. using it transdermally basically got rid of
my anxiety.

venn111 says:

you can take your magnesium and shove it up your ass. if you think its
gonna solve all the worlds ills you don’t know shit don’t act like you do
you fuckin little fairy bitch . its apparent your mad at the world and your
magnesium is your comfort blanket you little fagget magnesium doesn’t do
the shit you says it does i easily out rationalized you in my comment and
you couldnt come back with nothin but a straw man argument cause your dead
wrong loook fuckin dummie.

Kurt Klimanski says:

Thanks! No, go right ahead.

etherealmist76 says:

Great video!! I love to learn about this stuff!!!

DreamWizard9 says:

I find St.Johnswort quite powerful actually! (takes 3 weeks to build up in
the body)

DarksoulKira says:

Praise the sun!

DreamWizard9 says:

So why exactly did you stop meditating?

Kurt Klimanski says:

Interesting! I might give St. John’s wort another try then and stick with
it for a couple of weeks. I guess i’m just used to herbs that give an
immediate effect.

swires86 says:

That´s how I thought when I got no results. It´s all up to the individual,
all my own fault —> bullshit! Now I am taking 600-900mg magnesiumcitrate
a day (but carbonate worked as well actually) and feel like a new-born
person, and I´m not even kidding a bit. Multiple docs told me to try
antidepressants, thank god I declined every single time and now finally
know the real reason. Our soils are depleted and lack vitamins and minerals.

venn111 says:

i have a feeling that if you are suffering from anxiety , depression etc
that it may be caused from the use , mis use or overuse of herbs in the
first place. i know i started taking many for lucid dreaming and other
things including exercise and started to feel like crap for a long time not
realizing until after i went off it all that the use of herbs was actually
of the cause, try going cold turkey for a while and let your mind and body
recalibrate itself and don’t rely on anything but intuiti

Zayden says:

Kurt add me pls on fb. My email is & my urser
name is zayden gaialover colgan :-)

1love1light says:

Very good video. 1 thing tho brother. Kratom: why use it as a last resort?
I love kratom. Love is an understatment actually lol. Its helped me so much
I am a shaman/herbalist myself. Would like to know your views on why last
resort? I would recommend kratom as a first thing. It’s addictive to an
extent but if you know how to handle the herb and listen to your body I
think it’s the greatest thing for anyone to try. 100% safe and effective.
No disrespect meant at all my friend, 1Love1Light

venn111 says:

later keyboard warrior faggot bitch

venn111 says:

i disagree. ive been taking a supplement called zma for a large portion of
my life which is zinc magnesium and b6 it hasn’t affected my mood
whatsoever. i still get the ups and downs. its the choice to focus my
thoughts towards the positive that has any effect, but if you believe
magnesium is the answer then it is. similarly whatever makes you feel
better when you think about it is just as viable a solution which is what
my preferred method is and always has been.

JADsGames says:

No problem, and thanks to you too man, I sent my message. I thought I left
a comment like this earlier, in case it didn’t arrive to you, but I guess I
didn’t O_o Freaking glitches/forgetfulness man, haha.

Mike .C says:

Holy hell, where have you been Kurt.. great to see you back here

venn111 says:

unfortunately magnesium doesn’t choose your thoughts for you. that is
something you do.. but thoughts like “its all my own fault” or “its all up
to the individual” indicating a sense of loss or isolation aren’t exactly
positive soothing thoughts. if magnesium works for you great, but its only
placebo. there is no cure all supplement, drug or nutrient a person can
take it comes from knowing yourself and understanding your energy and how
it all transpires and manifests via the law of attraction

HootmanFly1 says:

Please do, some people like myself are really waiting to change their own
world (mind). I want more to life then the everyday strains of life, and
your videos are awesome to helping achieve this. Thanks a bunch and looking
forward to more videos!

JADsGames says:

Hey Kurt, glad to see you’re still around. Would you mind if I messaged you
about something?

DreamWizard9 says:

Hey great to see you’re back!

swires86 says:

It´s just complete ignorance towards science if you think that people don´t
need certain substances to feel well and be healthy, What actually is
placebo is your New-Age-Brainwash, and seems like they twisted your
gullible mind like so many of the simple-minded herd. Just because it
didn´t work for you (probably you didn´t even try properly), you don´t have
to project your own failure onto me, I don´t care and don´t take you
serious at all anyway after what you just wrote.

Fo Gigz says:

welcome back yo… we missed ya… look forward to to more vids

venn111 says:

i never said that at all if you actually read the comment you fucking goof
ball you would understand quit flapping your lips and learn to read before
you get knocked the fuck out you talk big behind a keyboard i one punch you
if you were in front of me bro


Hey Kurt i’m wondering, have you ever experienced astral projection?

XclanLanDi says:

welcome back Kurt, thank you for an other great video.



venn111 says:

while i about of the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in foods and
soils etc, clean eating and pure lifestyles all aid in how we generally
feel overall and the more we stay disciplined to the healthy living
lifestyle the easier it may be to think and feel good, the sole
responsibility falls on ourselves and our thoughts for thinking and feeling
good. its a matter of will and desire to feel better.

HipsterManGaming says:


Kurt Klimanski says:

Thank you, i appreciate it.

swires86 says:

You write like a ghetto-nigger, obviously you´re intellectually,
spiritually and mentally a sheer joke. Have fun in your laughable life, not
worth my time.

Kurt Klimanski says:

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