*SOS* SAVE KRATOM NOW: Arizona, Oklahoma, Louisiana

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Help SAVE Kratom now and get involved…. [more description coming soon] www.keepkratomlegal.org www.kratomassociation.org.

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Jim Ipsum says:

We defeated the Arizona bill!

3 more states to go. Wisconsin is also trying for a ban. ?

Mcklouski says:

Thanks for being on the forefront! OMG I feel for the people in those
states! That’s straight up wrong we are going to loose a lot of people who
stopped taking there inner monster drugs they quite, I hate to see my
fellow human suffer. ?

Armd n Teethed Carebears says:

Polecatt SRK–I totally agree! This all natural safe herb shouldn’t be
compared to bath salts, or anything like that. People need to get educated
before putting this plant down. It’s really helped me through painful
spinal injuries, that left me needing pain pills, & now I’ve gotten off
them completely. We should keep it legal. ?

Polecatt SRK says:

They need to be informed correctly. First off Kratom does not get you high
like other opiates. Kratom needs to be forgotten. If you lump kratom in
with bath salts fuck me ill move to Thailand start my own farm. They have
amended the ban in Thailand ?

Paul Kemp says:

Well, let me get this straight: The drug company Glaxo-Smith-Kline is
pushing for all kratom and its derivatives to be made illegal, because they
say the public is too dumb to be trusted with this dangerous plant, BUT
they want to have access to make extracts even stronger and sell them
exclusively to those who have a prescription. How’s that working with
Oxycontin, Opana, and Vicodin? It is making addicts out of the people who
get these super-strong narcotics. More women are dying from overdoses of
these drugs, then die in car crashes or cervical cancer! See this article:

So, GSK wants these legislatures to clear the way for them to monopolize
the sale of kratom, just as they have done with “Hillbilly Heroin”, which
has brought addiction to unsuspecting Main Street USA.

What GSK isn’t saying is that the simple herb kratom is helping a growing
number of their former addicted customers get free of their deadly drugs.
GSK has every reason to want this plant made unavailable — It reduces
their high profits from creating drug addicts by making these high-potency
extracts available to people who don’t need that much pain relief.

So, if legislator must make extracts of kratom illegal, let’s be fair and
make GSK’s extracts illegal in these states, too. Please leave this
God-given healing leaf alone. Prescription pharmaceuticals kill more
Americans than illicit drugs now — Let’s put the blame where it belongs,
on the white-collar drug pushers.?

Lovely Doby says:

Keep Kratom Legal
I ve enjoyed the benefits for years. Dr visits and prescription costs are
non existent. Kratom leaf,tea or capsules habr numerous benefits. ?

Lovely Doby says:

Ive enjoyed the benefits for 2 years. Cant afford numerous prescriptions &
why bother with repeat dr visits when Kraton leaf,capsules or tea works
just fine. Keep Kratom Legal?

Johnathon Doughzier says:

I have already been affected here in Tennessee and am finding it
significantly more difficult to have the kratom I need shipped. I have
several injuries to my upper back and neck, and decided three years ago to
discontinue my pharmaceutical pain medication that I was taking and began
using kratom instead. Kratom not only works, but it works BETTER and I was
able to stop taking highly addictive synthetic opiate medications, as well
as Neurontin (which btw did help with nerve pain, at the cost of turning me
into an emotional basketcase with symptoms most closely resembling being
In fact, after about six months I was not only effectively managing my pain
but had lowered my blood pressure significantly as well. I feel better, and
the doses of kratom that I need to take to manage the pain leave me feeling
far more sober and clear-headed than the equivalent doses of Hydrocodone
and Oxycodone that was needed to break through the pain.
To all of those who still have the luxury of being able to purchase a
living kratom tree, please do it while you still can! Unfortunately, I
think kratom will be lumped together with classes of research chemicals
just as it has been here in Tennessee, mainly because it was packaged and
sold as a legal high alongside MDPV, Methylone, Mephedrone and other
ridiculously powerful psychoactive designer drugs. For some reason the idea
of anyone being expected to exercise personal responsibility and having the
freedom to do so, seems to be a novelty at best. They are probably right,
that makes about as much sense as that blasted Constitution all those
Patriots and Tea Partying Libertarians are always screaming about… ;-) ?

Lovely Doby says:

Keep Kratom Legal
I ve enjoyed the benefits for years. Dr visits and prescription costs are
non existent. Kratom leaf,tea or capsules habr numerous benefits. ?

Johnathon Doughzier says:

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