Shots of Vanilla Extract

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I drink Vanilla Extract and Chocolate Extract.

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finight9 says:

Eat a dick next! beiberhole!

zzboy27 says:

2012 views hmm

Tim Rausch says:

Eat an entire lemon or the hottest pepper

Zak Cole says:

i feel as if ive been here before……..

tripleJmovies says:


Debatingdude says:

it tastes almost like extra vanilla flavored rum. all that Vanilla Extract
is , is a bottle of vodka (or some form of alcahol) that has had vanilla
beans soak in it. and then suggar was added. so its just alchol. im drinkin
it on the rocks noe just for shits and giggles

yourownidea says:

Drink the bong water.

AntiHero2411 says:

You look like Taylor Matthews.

hellojackathin says:

i am drinking vanilla extract as i watch this.. whats wrong with people?

Epicdude46F says:

dam this guys ugly

Ernesto Favela says:

It’s the beiber hairrrrrrrrr

stefon319 says:

I use to drink vanilla and chocolate extract. Then I took an ar- *comment
gets cut short as commentor gets shot in the knee by an arrow*

Shannenrulestheworld says:

Vanilla extract tast like chemicals

MonkeyServe says:

Vanilla is just bourbon

DoubleTroubleNerds says:

notice they both look the same… the vanilla extract and chocolate extract
look the same… this guy just can NOT do a real video !

31desperatelove13 says:

Grant Willis

Tito Olivares says:

Hand sanatizer

Gad Zooks says:

You’ll be shitting the most delicious brownies.

tripleJmovies says:

This video is sex

i3lackdays says:

@slayer300012 haha i did half a bottle of listerien and mixed vanela
extract when my parents kinda trryed to ‘jail me’ at home

rednecks668 says:


KingBalisong says:

Youre so Fucking dumb looking wtf

Tiny Belle says:

I love his reactions. “That was awful…”

4utoTuned says:

U should Eat nutmeg a whole thing! It sucks so bad

slayer300012 says:

Drink a whole listerine bottle, :D

chadpoulos says:


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