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This video isn’t that good. but it’s respectable.

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Jason Szakal says:

I love your fucking vids please make more!!!!?

highslayroor says:

hell ya

cassandrakaytuma says:

teachers covering up your weed. haha, perfect world. I remember my teachers
would ask why my bathroom break took 20 minutes. I had no excuse because I
could tell they were sniffing me extra lots. No perfume cause FUCK that.
Stinks worse than what you think you stink like. but great video, vinny. I
miss your uploads.

Misterunnamed says:


roorsalt says:


longdongriver says:

Weed is a drug 0_0 wow I did not know that.

ashliandsteven Smiths says:

u could always follow the schizos #1 rule KEISTER THAT THERE

nounever says:

I am just encouraging weed don’t get smart with me sir, you canon fodder
philistine bastard. I rip orphans like you out of poor houses find and
rerape your mother and be nice to her in the squalor 1820 with a top hat
sonny jim. Joking I have nothing against your mother, good day.

Hippyjonnycomics says:

More drug videos!!!!

tobias funke says:

why are you in the forest

DeathstrokeV says:


Glaudge says:

still waiting for your, “Sucking dick on Infinite X salvia” video.

Drobium77 says:

No I meant, “you are ‘like’ my favourite youtuber” meaning he’s like him
but not your favourite youtuber. The Americans like to stick the word
‘like’ into sentences and it makes me chuckle a bit. “you’re like totally
awesome y’know”! :-D

sinfuledge says:

haaha! nice man! Hey dude check out my art vids if you want. I make dark
crazy shit! haha!

acer0169 says:

I’m pretty sure they’re not allowed to search you here – everyone is
terrified of over stepping the mark and losing their jobs.

Drobium77 says:

that could be taken one of two ways?

longdongriver says:

You just called yourself out as being a moron sir.

SpacedTime says:

i never got searched in any way in high school in England

kungfuinfo123 says:


ohilikeyou says:

I like the way you talk man. Its like very in your face abrasive and like a
marshemmlow pillow tho. I talk like this now in front of the mirror now.
It’s Cool! (btw if u respond to this i might make a video and post it under
my acct if ur intrested in seeing ;]

thramagen says:

how, favorite bc hes awsome or favorite bc his unrespectable dumbass antics
are that entertaining? the former

bensons999 says:

Best channel on youtube! (unnless I’m dope sick) When we were kids- our
local policeman would let us keep our weed as long as there was no one else
around to see us/him. He was the one and only nice cop I’ve met in my life.

thramagen says:

you’re like my favorite youtuber

thramagen says:

guilty as charged

roorsalt says:

upload a good vid you nogga.

longdongriver says:

Yay more drug vids!!

11killister11 says:

nice lol

Justin Krumpton says:


Adam Workey says:

That’s true. After all it’s ONLY FUCKIN WEED!!

ben landro says:

You look a little bit like the Geico insurance cave man on TV in this video
for some reason. Just sayin.

gbok says:

vinny is a great man

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