Radio 3Fourteen – Jonny Enoch – The War on Kratom & Kratom Truth

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ManufacturedLack says:

@41:20 It’s the same old shit. “He’s High!!! god damn him”. He cannot be
You are in pain and you are supposed to be suffering. How are you going to
suffer if you are high?
If you pay the for profit medical society, it’s a Medicine.
If you don’t pay, it’s an illegal Drug.

When will alcohol be considered as a drug? At which political party does
Hill-are-we Clint-them not have a cup of sauce in her hand? She likes
getting drunk, daily. I thinks she’s high on drugs.?

Donna Bell says:

I’ve never heard of kratom before, but I went to the website and I
couldn’t believe that some states are considering banning it as a
controlled substance. And people drink cup after cup of coffee everyday.
And not to mention the energy drinks, monster, red bull and such. I’m sure
those drinks are a lot more harmful and addictive, but they’ve god big
business behind them, so it doesn’t matter. We really have some stupid and
weak minded people in government office these days. Stupid for not doing
research on a subject before jumping to a conclusion and weak because I’m
sure they are getting pressured by big business and big pharma to make
kratom as well as other natural substances illegal. Sometimes I think it
would be better for the world if all people over 50 suddenly disappeared
off the face of the earth so that the younger generation can have a chance
for a better world. That would include myself, but I don’t mind.?

caessarion says:

adam kokesh told the feds the silk road was selling dmt, what sites still
sell it??

Ufo Zak says:

I don’t go a day without kratom..
What I do know is that less is more, 1 tsp in the morning and 1 tsp in the

KamaKazi Kratom says:

Despite The Blacklist, Very Well Spoken.



Els Mariën says:

Thank you by the way for this great interview. I’d never heard of Kratom
until this interview and I’m gonna try it for sure. Already ordered some.
Thank you guys, I just love your shows! Greetings from Belgium xx?

Bluesy Fish says:

Radio 3Fourteen – Jonny Enoch – The War on Kratom…:

Els Mariën says:

I get a virus detection alert when I want to enter the kratom association
website, can’t get access … ? It says: 1 active threats have been
detected on this link
Blackhat SEO (type 1720)?

Geeter Tron says:

I love your videos right on man. ?

Red Ice Radio says:

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