Obamacare, Chinatown, and Subversive Herbs

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Karen and Sonia discuss socialized healthcare while on a quest for magical tea known as kratom (mytragena speciosa). You can look it up and order it online B…

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ihatechemtrails says:

so what’s the name of the tea? I’d like to try it. Can you order it by mail?

TheBilderbergGr0up says:

Some Chinese Restaurants serve Dog meat its delicious you have to ask for
it on the down low and it is more expensive but very tasty, I had some mini
pincher last time next I want to taste some poodle.

Lookup2Wakeup says:

That’s an interesting comment at 1:10 about the electronic records. Here in
Devon, England, just this week we have had a letter from our government
health service saying that they are collating our health records. We can
opt out now, but once opted in, your records cannot be removed from the
list. Just like joining the EU. I have sent my opting out form, as the next
stage could be . an electronic chip.

saberur66 says:

@thetruthergirls this is what our medical system and their worker are

luwdmke says:

Check out John of god video’s here on YouTube. People from all over the
world are going to see him to get healed. He is in Brazil.

Jon Siple says:

girl with the glasses is hot and her accent is very sexy too.

Tinfoil Hatlady says:

Cathy O Brian said when she was in the CIA mind control system she could
have any drug but pot because pot breaks down the mind control! LOL

Sam Tu Tuong Chung says:

well the canadian government are in the process of prohibiting the practice
of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine. It was on the chinese canadian
news the other day lol so wtv

lemsip says:

The NHS and the DWP don’t reckon you have a certain health problem is you
manage symptoms with alternative medicine instead of allopathic medicine. I
have a problem with rheumatoid arthritis and prevent symptoms from
returning with combination of MSM, glucosamine and others & it took
chiropractic treatment to take away the worst symptoms and reduce the wear
and tear when painkillers only masked the symptoms. They think alternative
remedies are almost ineffective & work only for minor ailments

Tinfoil Hatlady says:

Cathy O’Brian said when she was in the CIA mind control system she could
have any drug she wanted except pot as it breaks down the mind control!!!!

angelinatiger says:

chemtrail seeds lol deranged healing i agree that the government is way too
corrupt to have anything but sinister intentions with the “healthcare” bill
i think the republicans just stopped it for now anyway heres to your health!

mejt223 says:

i love when you guys make these videos….theyre awesome!!!

dubphat says:

can i get the address of that shop

Zurie53225 says:

Also to further smack down your argument, chelation which removes heavy
metals from the body would be counteracted by vit C in the case of iron
because vit C causes greater absorption of iron. It does not bind (or
adsorb) with metals at all. Where do you get your information from anyway?
I would love to see your citations.

VipericVampire says:

Don’t EVER eat something in Chinatown, unless it’s Bubble-tea (just because
it is tasty). I’ve seen those shops that sell chicken and it looks
absolutely horrid. Stick to eating at home, or in a healthy food restaurant
(not many of those left…).

OneEyedBeastTV says:

nice chopstick handling

JimmyV2009 says:

Hey Karren…. How “you” doin? lol

TheHealthJunkie says:

Beef stomach and liver and lungs is the best! You’re missing out!

Harman House says:


Zurie53225 says:

@thetruthergirls No I’m not thinking of apap. Also vit C causes high
accumulation of non-heme iron which consequently interrupts hematopoeisis
(build up in the liver without a way to metabolize could easily cause
failure) now my 4gm number came from a study I read years ago, they’ve
lowered it to 2gm for GI effects and 6gm for rebound scurvy.Take your pick
nothing is safe. Chelation is defined as removal of heavy metals from the

Eddy Weddy says:

anarchism can work well in the world, but not in the real world, the real
world is owned by people with lots of guns and firefighters to put out
anarchism. communism does suck because it leads to tyranny. health care
reform is not good enough if a lot of other conditions won’t be met.

NubNizzle says:

wow so canada has all the smart girls. i feel VERY lonely where i live. lol

jneagu says:

I love those Drinks with the little soft chewy balls with a fruity flavor!
What were those called…And that was a Taiwanese restaurant right? LOL NWO
buds, brilliant!

TheShowmebby says:

LOL. There about to take over my country. can I move up there with yall.

Zurie53225 says:

The issue at hand here is that you are telling me that we can give vit C to
patients with atherosclerosis and they will not need coronary bypass or
angioplasties correct? I’d like to see your research, oh and who pays for
the research? Who will know if your vitamins, which are less expensive, are
just as effective as these surgeries if we don’t compare? Your argument is
such an invalidated non-argument at this point.

Sn00kyCr00ksWorld says:

@jneagu Bubble Tea

thetruthergirls says:

@Ipluckithard I find about a capuccine teasoon, or even half is enough. We
put way too much in teh cup and didn’t filter it. It was kinda gross to
drink. But yeah, I’ve been reading about it and it’s not something you want
to do every day.

7digitalSunday says:

electronic records??? aka the chip??? you mean install a chip under the
skin so we can be tracked and monitored?? oh ok. could that be what they
mean? ah, a microchip… the answer.. move to a place with out such. peru

thetruthergirls says:

lol Salvia, not Saliva. Yeah, we’ve already done it. And taped it. Didn’t
post it, though. It made Arron drool, lol. Not bad, but not exactly the
shamanic experiece we were looking for, lol.


Whats in that tea!!!??

mikwid says:

Guess if you don’t laugh, you cry…

thetruthergirls says:

kratom, aka mitragyna speciosa.

shnozzel12 says:

Yeah i meant Salvia…that’s what happens when you use spell check and you
don’t spell check the spell check..anyway..you should post that video..or
maybe not….Salvia does not look like a very good experience..and drooling
seems to be part of the ..fun?…but in times of entertainment
desperation..i check out those videos just to remind myself that you don’t
have to be old and senile to enjoy a good drool…

metalfist616 says:

lol , my junkie friend joe n me were in brandon in a headstore, drove over
150km far for that :D well the jung ladies laughing is kinda annoying, -but
even if my gf is gonna kill me-, shes kinda cute :) :P

FloridaSalon says:

I don’t know why ppl take the time to post such mean shit. If you don’t
like it…don’t watch. I thought you guys were great. I use clay and
charcoal for my restless probs. It’s apparently caused by toxins. Good luck
to you both.

TheLoonwolf says:

I used to get Ling Zhi beverage, made me feel great and has health
benefits, tasty too. Then couldn’t get it any more, I even went to a
Chinese herbal remedy shop and they didn’t even know what it was!

anarchore says:

skyding8962: What are you talking about you fucking airhead, anarchy was
the state of humanity for a long time in the midaeval period, and true
communism has not been tried in the 20th century. Read Kropotkin!

thetruthergirls says:

Non, on a bien dit ‘head shop’. C’est sur Prince Arthur.

TheCrimsonSkull says:

27 stars * etc.., , well, you get it. Thanks again.

redcolt2 says:

I’m in love with Karen

yorkandpomona says:

thats what I was thinking “dont get sick” great! im a an American….

lemsip says:

The NHS thinks that if you take this prescription you’ll make a miraculous
recovery forgetting that prescribed drugs don’t always work and even when
they do produce side effects often worse than the original ailments. The
DWP wants all sick people back to work because the ‘miracles’ of modern
medicine will make them well again or they think that any physical illness
is all in the head. There was a report saying that arthritis could be cured
with CBT. In other words arthritis is imaginary.

Montagraph says:

You gals are a lot of fun and informative as well! :)

yorkandpomona says:

chemtrails nwo buds h man

Namaste1001 says:

Erbel? What happpened to the H?

TheInternetG says:

It’s a consolidation of their control. If Americans want to know what it
means, study the corporation called, ‘Monsanto’..

Guilddude2 says:

I think you girls rolled a fatty before you went on camera… A Sativa
strain perhaps cause you don’t look too burned out yet. Tell me the truth
that was the second time you were in the head shop today wasn’t it :D

Aquilani42 says:

You’re already useless eaters.

dan creech says:

Herbal meds are in San Fransicio

silveryblue2003 says:

Pot burns brain cells.

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