O.P.M.s liquid kratom review part 1

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Part 1 of opms liquid kratom review.

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Damien Cross says:

Love this stuff man. I like the high of opiates but don’t want all the risk
associated with them. Learned about kratom about 6 months ago, and it is my
drug-o-choice now. By far, OPMS is the best kratom on the market, but the
taste of that liquid stuff is so bad I can’t even take it anymore (I get
sick just thinking about it). The pills work good and are on the same level
as the liquid, but I don’t have to sit around trying not to puke for 5
minutes after taking them!?

FR1ZzYtech says:

Just took my first bottle of liquid Kratom. 20 minutes went by with
nothing. I’m hoping I didn’t waste $20. I’ll watch your next video for your

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