New video on my plants following the sun

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Protagonists: acacia obtusifolia acacia maidenii acacia acuminata acacia colei mimosa hostilis desmanthus Illinoensis Kratom `RIFAT` Phalaris brachystachys P…

PinExt New video on my plants following the sun
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l Neo l says:

The Kratom, do you use it? Good song…

bassice4 says:

not really, tried it once but was not very active. maybe could help with
lowering tolerance but thats all I would say…but if the growing
conditions would improve maybe it would work in higher doses…

bassice4 says:

Not much. Grew almost all from seed. It’s fun :-)

Joe Collins says:

The mytragine content isn’t high enough to be active when the plant is

bassice4 says:

It’s difficult to achieve a useful alkaloid content. Humidity is not high

Alfred Rainhawk says:

Pedros look skinny

sauroman1 says:

Does phalaris brachysthys worth growing?

thegribbs says:

LOVE the song by Mr. Little Jeans, LOVE the plants!

joel king says:

have u extracted dmt n tried yet?

bassice4 says:

yes, indeed.probably too much water with too less sun :-(

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