my salvia divinorum & kratom plants

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Grow log 1. I have 2 Salvia Divinorum and 1 “Red Vein” Thai Kratom plant (It was advertised as red vein when i bought it but not too sure…). Comments alway…

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yeshe lim says:

i got a question..i just bought a young plant from Holland,but when i
receive it the leaf is …dry and dark…,the vendor send me with soil
…and how i water them??

MyYouTube says:

I personally like Kratom plants more as they’re more attractive than
Salvia. Kratom provides a nice relaxation effect too. Salvia has scary

Roger Douglas says:

when i start growing again, sure

MyYouTube says:

Yeah, Kratom could have some side effects too but if you use it
responsibly, You shouldn’t really experience them. I refuse to even try
Salvia. I’ve heard too many horror stories about it.

Lucien Also says:

is there a way to see the difference between 5x and 50x

Billy Bongmaker says:

Hey, would you be interested in selling cuttings? In my state its rather
hard to get…

Roger Douglas says:

Right there with ya. Salvia is deff not a casual drug. Kratom can get scary
if u take to many of the capsules they sell

ethnogrower says:

Hello Roger, Nice looking plants you have there. I have three strains of
Salvia and 3 strains of Kratom. Would you be interested in trading a Red
Vein Thai cutting for another strain? I have a few to chose from. Send me
an email if you’re interested EthnoGrower (At)

Roger Douglas says:

HEY GUYS!!!!!! i plan on growinng again at the end of this year. At the
moment i and working on DCUO videos because its my calling lol
butttttttttttttttttttttttttt. I HAVE not lost my green thump so dont get it
twisted guys!! so yea billy and ethnogrower (i think i got plants from u 2
years ago). any who……….,keep it locked ill be back to youtube very


Friend you could sell me a seedling of this plant and send me? I cover the
costs of more palnta posting. thank you. paulo_tritto (At)

Roger Douglas says:

nope or by smell. My info is from doing alot of searches at the time of
this vid.

Roger Douglas says:

this plant passed away awhile ago. Im waiting for the end of fall to start
planting again.

Roger Douglas says:

its not that bad TBH (to be honest) cause it only last a few second. Moslty
it takes away your center of balance which is what scares most people. i
would say try it once alteast with a sitter

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