Mr.Nice Guy Relaxinol Review

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I Was High Af After One Bowl Of This Shit So Sorry For The Trippiness LOl Mr.Nice Guy Relaxinol Review. Quality 10/10. Well Worth The $15.

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Gonzo Green says:

dont smoke more than .2 at once! your welcome.

coltonpaul12 says:

@LoKy4LyF bro this stuff is not recommended at all , i haven’t got time
post a caution video about this stuff up yet , but its not good at all ,
like this stuff made me feel like i was dying , it literally paralyzed me ,
ifelt like icouldnt move , im officially done with the k2 stuff and will be
doing reviews on the real stuff beginning December 15 ( my release date for
probation lol )

Charlie Barger says:

Will relainol show up on a drug test?

scarsofthepas4ever says:

why do you do that shit thats how they take it off the market we can figure
that out on our own whats wrong cant handle it 5g blunt of real white widow
not synthetics

JohnathanPunk7 says:

“I give this 11 and ¾’s out of 10″ LoL!

DJKJ121 says:

bro i miss the old times and just so everyone knows there is an up comming
reunion vid ft DJKJ121 AKA me lol, and my niqqa coltonpaul12 AKA my brother
see yeah soon bro

Erik h says:

I trieed its good lol I couldnt move tho

Yung Icy Kyle says:


bdelarosa1113 says:

Ahahah your video cracked me up , you’re a funny guy. I just ordered some
Relaxinol, your video makes me crave its arrival that much more! Do you
have a review on MNG Relapse?

kmmainhw says:

when i say this is good shit, its good shit

Marcelo Adam says:

Gosh u so cuteeee we gotta smoke togheter, I’ll fly tree, from Israel brow
hehe here spice is legallll

LoKy4LyF says:

Hey bro have u ecer tried some called hysteria? it’s like $27 for a gram
but it’s super potent i’m talkin not even a whole bowl maybe like one or
two hits and ur space cadet

sharknva says:

2 HOURS LATER… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

coltonpaul12 says:

@Moonstar4807 totally bro , lol

coltonpaul12 says:

@Moonstar4807 lol try some one day

coltonpaul12 says:

@idahoelkhuntereddy no , im on probation now , an ive passed every drug
test clean

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