maeng da kratom review

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best place to get maeng da kratom, powder, capsules, and dried leaves… the effects r awesome leave comments or questions….. and by the way it my b day:)

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Chandler Timmons says:

From source A, “bali” looked more green and had the consistency of grain
From source B, “bali” looked more “red” and had the consistency of baby powder.

From source A, “thai” looked the same as the bali
From source B, “thai” looked more green and also had the consistency of grain.

So it seems to me the naming scheme isn’t exactly universal between sources.? Best bet is to pick a source and try a few different types from their site and settle on which one you like the best.

cobra350hp1 says:

felling good i see ? and whats up wit da dollar bills girl?

eddysvideos33 says:

I’ve heard people say it’s an opiate like high and other who says it’s not even close. I would just like to ask those who have taken opiates (Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, ect..) what is the? effect like. Is it similar? not even close? I’d like to stop taking pain pills so that’s why I’m asking. Thanks!

shawnyb7000 says:

If you guys like the relaxing
But uplifting? for night try indo.
Love that shit

MrDannyLaRusso says:

i like maeng da but its too exspensive?

ten6disc says:

dude why dont you just keep your mouth shut and stop stalking her. last time? i checked this is a free country

spiveydavo says:

Oh God! Where to begin? This six minute long video may do more to damage the reputation of kratom than possibly imaginable. Girl,? QUIT SCRATCHING AND ACTING LIKE A JUNKIE!! You obviously dont know much about kratom other than “brands” and what they sell as their “varieties”. This is a very special plant that we are damn lucky to still have legal given our narrow-minded govenment. You said its like “lortab and bars mixed together” WFT!! Want it legal? Dont say erroneous crap like that.

gmoneyq says:

Maeng da is my favorite as well, but I prefer capsules because it tastes horrible, although swallowing 10-12 capsules? can be difficult.

bd5f4s1u says:

shits prolly bunk, id try a diff vendor. pm me i can tell you a legit one?

bd5f4s1u says:

real? talk

StageNameSadie says:

i love krotom and i love that? brand lemon ice!! we are twins

YewLogs026 says:

Dude me too! I got my order from Kratom King in? exactly 2 days, I was so happy. lol

Juanvizo says:

Maeng Da is the Best !!!! I prefer the capsules, so I don’t have to? deal with the bad taste or the preparation…
4-5 grams, and NICE…..!

knoxvilluminati says:

btw i ordered mine from kratom king…? i did the 2 – 3 day priority mail for $4 and got it in 2 days!!

knoxvilluminati says:

i just got a 10 gram sample pack of maeng da….i drank 4 grams and waited? a little over a hour and didnt really feel shht… i just drank the other 6 grams about 20 mins ago….. *fingers crossed* haha … i just read about “UEI Kratom” .. i will try that next IF this works at all

MadameIrre says:

so ein? Schwachsinn….

Mandoon says:

keepkratomlegal . org/petition

Save the world? from illegal laws!

chamblizi says:

@ maxwellthebest No your info Is MISLEADING “K2 IS THE NUMBER ONE ILLEGAL INCENSE IN AMERICA” Kratom can never Be COMPARED WITH k2 K2 is chemically laced, Blue lotus, Kratom, Wild dagga, catnip and marijuana all just grow like that. Learn your shit before you run your mouth? loser.

maxwellthebest says:

the girl in this video is? buying bullshit kratom. good kratom will never come in a flashy package

maxwellthebest says:

that is bullshit man and untrue, you spread false info. the rerason it says incense is so? they dont get in trouble for selling it.

chamblizi says:

I heard of it and wanted to purchase stuff from them but i heard they are not all that good. but its fine. I hate words like “FOR INCENSE ONLY” meaning they do not back there products. Unlike other industry’s any time someone says for incense only? it means they added chemical to it.

chamblizi says:

I am not much of a E cig person… But I would love one to annoy the girl behind the counter lol… Shisha Rocks have the same chemical build as E cig juice Basically it is that same juice but with more flavors that is absorbed into premium rocks that? absorb the glycerin and flavor into its body. You get more pull and hit out of shisha rocks then e cigs and there is no batteries involved unless you have electronic shisha coal. You can get more then 2 hours of smoke out of it so they say.

PsYcHoNaUt1993 says:

Have you been to shamangarden (dot) com or iamshaman? I tried one of their smoke blends and? it was pretty good. So what exactly are steam stones? E-cigs are dope as fuck, I would be taking hits inside McDonalds or other places. What is the best e-cig that you would reccomend?

chamblizi says:

Shisha is predominantly tobacco but Ecigs and Steam stones have the same composure They are working on over ruling tobacco.. I think steam stones will be better then ecigs cause there is no batteries involved I had all the tobacco? products known to man… People are now seeking alternatives to tobacco A Bag of Mugwort is 3 times cheaper then a pack of cigs. Which is basically how i got all my views, Others are looking for alternatives to quit smoking.

PsYcHoNaUt1993 says:

That sounds about right man, The MJ thing is all true. is Shisha tobacco? Funny i know about all the other shit and? when it comes to tobacco…well…I only know how to smoke cigarettes haha
Some people can smoke blunt after blunt of bomb weed and be functional while I’d have a full on shroom-like trip but with mostly panic attacks haha
I can happily smoke some “stress” and be comfortably high haha

chamblizi says:

same here i tried it but? it never did stick. Because i am one of those types who takes the fun out of a high after it leaves I study my self and i found that it does remove my depression, but over all i am miserable after it wears off. The price of MJ is too much… knowing me if i had a medical card i would put a couple of flakes in my bowl of shisha steam rocks to space things out

PsYcHoNaUt1993 says:

Like for example, coca leaf would be used instead of pure cocaine, ephedra instead of methamphetamine, or even Safrole (natural) instead of synthetic ecstasy. and Opium tea instead of strong, bomb ass heroin haha. I think people wouldnt abuse drugs as much especially because there wouldnt be any fake drug info floating around in? schools, media etc.
Hash is more of an extracted MJ. I never really liked bud but i wish i did because its relatively safe haha!

PsYcHoNaUt1993 says:

Kief isnt extracted its just the cannabinoid crystals that are shaken from the buds of MJ. But anyway, prohibition and the drug war is purposely left as is, for the sole purpose of inflating prices and since illegal drugs are not regulated, they can be cut to shit and be? all around dangerous. If everything was legal, the CIA and gangs would lose all their profits. But I bet if everything was legal in the first place, the stronger forms of drugs wouldnt be that common and be only in natural form.

chamblizi says:

i try to stay away from pure forms of anything they require chemicals? to extract most of the time to make them into what is known as (Kief) in the MJ world

PsYcHoNaUt1993 says:

Yea your right about the extract(they only have one of the alkaloids in the extract though). I keep reading that kratom LEAF has opioid agonists, as well? as ANTAGONISTS. So basically if you drink it like you would a coffee (dont? abuse it) then it can actually be hard to become addicted and dependent on it. That site has good info as well as blue light and opio phile
Good Luck

chamblizi says:

Extract, is what i am talking? about, I was reading about this lady who did it… or A.K.A ( SWIM on drug info. net

PsYcHoNaUt1993 says:

Oh and your right man, it DOES control? your mood. Its a PSYCHOACTIVE. Im not trying to bash you dogg just wanna get the right info out there and I know my shit about all kinds of psychoactives, especially opioid agonists.

PsYcHoNaUt1993 says:

Wow you TRIED it? I’ve more than tried it man more than 500 times. Yea I know Kratom addiction happens (which shouldnt happen if your not abusing it like anything else). I was more so replying to “70mg” thats nothing of kratom unless your talking about kratom? extract whick you should of specifically said and the extract causes addiction faster and worse.

chamblizi says:

dude? i know more about this shit then you do… look up kratom addiction, i have also tried it … it controls your mood.

PsYcHoNaUt1993 says:

70mg? go? learn some shit before leaving shit like that haha

ChazManz87 says:

I wanna say Thanks for this awesome review! Since I? watched this months ago I became a regular customer at Kratom King. I’ve tried other brands but Kratom King is by far the best in quality and the price is not that bad either.

chamblizi says:

Kratom suckubisses your life away in higher doses of 70mg +? it makes you blank minded and depressed.

gaby487 says:

Hi, have you ever tried? Kratom Premium Leaf Powder? I bought from Shaman and its my first time. But since you know this stuff, I wondered if you could let me know what you think of it, as far as strength. thanks

AndrewAlcohol says:

How long does that ounce last? you?

SrtKillz12345 says:

what do you think about the gold reserve i? just ordered and ounce!!

Ferenzai says:

Do more research? on kratom, and it’s health benefits, aswell! Kratom is just a beautiful and natural as weed. It has great medicinal value

Ashoora Anoki says:

i tried kratom the second time today,and i have to say its not my cup of tea.i mixed two tsp in like 0.3l of plain water,gulped down with no problem.both times i drank it i felt a strange buzz in my head,my limbs became wobbly,i? felt slight nausea,speach became blurred like the girl’s in the vid and thoughts weren’t relly clear in my head either.i also forgot stuff….did i have too much or is it like that??

osubeavers05 says:

Kratom Therapy dot com – We are Kratom. Direct from the source to your doorstep!? Live healthy!

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