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chamberfullofsmoke says:


abyssquick says:

Lion’s tail, wild dagga gives you a warm fuzzy feeling for about 1/2 hour. it’s sedating, and? slightly hypnotic. Harmless, of course, but the duration isn’t that long.

leftysurprise says:

you are a fucking idiot neurosoup. i dont think you realize what you are doing. youtube and morons like you are the reason salvia is now becoming illegal all over the country. stop now before the damage is done to the plants you are promoting. this information is all out there and any intelligent person can figure it out for themselves, and if not then they do not deserve to figure it out. quit being a fucking idiot and remove these videos before you destroy every good legal thing we? have.

mky4mayhem says:

Kratom is? da bomb.

Wesley G says:

I would offer to your viewers that from personal experience of using various strains of kratom over a year and a half period is this. It is not as addictive as people would have you believe. People? can drink alcohol casually now and then abd are fine, though some few are drunkards all the time. As with kratom, i have never gotten addicted and have gone weeks and weeks before buying more. As long as its a casual thing, its fine. Also dont take too much or you can feel a little sick.

abyssquick says:

Hmm… this has not been my experience. Though? I hear it acts on different people differently.

PartVIII says:

Cannabis does not cause withdrawal effects even after heavy use. Cannabis addiction does exist, but is very benign.

Kratom? acts on the opioid receptors (just like all opiates) and causes tolerance and withdrawal very quickly.

Just like heroin addiction, kratom users are blinded by the empathy and euphoria that opioid agonist create. Eventually, it will completely lose it’s magic. You’re Chasing the Dragon
Ive been smoking my medicine everyday for 8 years and i am happy as a pea in a pod.

abyssquick says:

some? verities of leaf has this effect. some people have to take it with ginger.

rubix989 says:

thanks for the info?

ryanomaly84 says:

kratom definitely caused a pretty long and drawn out addiction for me a few years back. it was just powdered leaves i ate; making a tea made it weak; i dont think the 5-mitragynine is water soluble? enough. it was euphoric at first then became a need and habit. the withdrawal lasted a bit over a week when i finally called it quits; although i know someone who went through 3 weeks of hell from daily use of a strong extract.

XTCinmee says:

I’ve been taking Kratom for a year now, I have never had a hang over from it, I have never had any withdrawal symptoms when I quit taking it for 3 months, I prefer kratom over Vicodin, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, any opiates basically. It’s very helpful for work, it keeps you focused and in a good mood. You can get it for pretty cheap on ebay, if you do so you’ll have to go through a few different vendors before you find the really good stuff. I prefer the very? fine powder. It is habit forming.

0nLettingGo says:

i tried it and it? was terrible. i just felt nauseous for like 3 hours

Mongodelight says:

kratom addiction is a joke. ok u will get addicted but what kind of addiction is it, if u quit because u dont like it to adjust? for the fast building tolerance. Cannabis is very a lot more addictive.

Faygo069 says:

anyone ever try caffeine? what’s it like? i heard it’s like? coke.

soulsurferjeweet says:

hey if you didnt do it..why the fuck are you talking about it. why didnt you even take it for the sake of the? video.. wtf are you..

SterlingGrit says:

you know the only reason any of these little kids throw around an attitude on these posts is because the were hoping to find? out how to trip off house hold items and are quickly pissed off..
keep experimenting for our benefit…

abyssquick says:

only grapefruit really – it’s the bitter aspect of the fruit that? has the enzyme inhibitors. usually adds at least an hour or so duration.

abyssquick says:

just? a quick note – the effects of kratom can be significantly prolonged using fresh grapefruit juice about 1/2 hour before taking kratom. i squeeze a whole fresh grapefruit. it binds up the same enzymes that break down the active kratom alkaloids. the supplement quercitin (which is often citrus-derived) also does this.

karlholmstrom says:

id hit that?

MrFactoryworker says:

a much better and safer substance than alcohol? 100x

MrFactoryworker says:

recently became illegal in Denmark, illegal in Aus? and Thailand, legal in UK and USA and most parts of Europe

honipop says:

You never took Kratom? How can you speak? about it?

eltotoX says:

If you had taken the time to actually listen to what she was saying,? you’d know she specifically said this was for educational purposes.

satellitewins says:

I? hate this fucking cunt -drijx

WillBallForSoup says:

What is the legal status? of Kratom?

ydungo says:

yeah man! was nice and chilled earlier, kept coming in rushes, was sweet.?

ydungo says:

I’m high on kratom right? now

Michelle Lange says:

I’m? surprised that you haven’t tried kratom! Personally, I consider it to be much safer than some of the man-made entheogenic chemicals, such as MDMA, even if kratom is more capable of producing a mild physical dependence. I wouldn’t say that it is an entheogen in the true sense of the word, but it is a very useful and pleasant substance when used in moderation. Relative to true opiates, it is nowhere REMOTELY near as habit-forming and destructive, I can attest to this personally.

cavibird2005 says:

She’s Fine! but I’ve try’d 15x on more than one ocassion (baught 6 grams buy 1 get 1 deal) Try’d in tea and smoking and it did skwot! 0 nothing! it does taste like shit though! So if you like sucking on a turd and destroying a perfectly good bowl, go ahead and waste you? money.

Ezkimo998 says:

maeng da thai is nice.?

rozetat2 says:

you shouldnt? be talking out of your ass if youve never tried it dipshit

sheikadi says:

Comparing it to Suboxone would be more accurate since it contains a plethora of ANTI addiction compounds.

Reductionist pharmacology like comparing one constituent in mitragyna to heroin ( in the first minute) is like comparing salvia leaf to PCP which has been done on youtube. As much as I like some of your videos I feel that this video is looking as 1/1000th of the picture and can thus be? used to manipulate public perception of a plant that has caused no real harm or danger.

EASmitty61 says:

all she did was read off info you can find on fuckin erowid
she? shouldn’t be doing any reports on any chem. unless she has some actual input on the effects.
fuck you man

HCLivess says:

shut? up

EASmitty61 says:

yo chick don’t report on this shit if you haven’t done? it

Wtfdustinwtf says:

Ive used kratom daily for about 4 months now.

When ever i am out i only experience a decrees in motivation.

No significant withdrawal symptoms

I have no tried all the various types and extracts but i am working on that. I most say kratom has given me countless hours of energy to achieve a large amount of work.

I use a bit of sugar and honey nd lime juice in the tea. I love the taste butttt? that is me.

Though i have always read that kratom works on delta opioid receptors more than mu-

jjkain says:

Because kratom is natural it has much less side effects than pain pills or heroin. Now if you ingested a pill form of the active ingredient in kratom- that would be a different story. The effects last 3 to 6 hours (depending on tolerance), and gradually wear off without a severe comedown or hangover. Many? find that kratom is much more manageable than pain pills. Many kratom addicts enjoy life and don’t worry about trying to quit because it’s destroying their life (like heroin and pain pills)

QkumberMDK says:

hahah your a faggot!?

maximus0307 says:

once i smoked a lot of opium like 2 grams and took some natural viagra pill its green i dont know the name of it i took 2 pills and , i had sex for 4 hours straight . just took a break after 2 hours? to smoke more opium . but i had the best time . opium is better then kratom but with a lot more negative side effects its more addictive and more expensive . so ill stick to kratom …

abyssquick says:

just make? sure you’re familiar with kanna by itself first.

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