Kratom – Sleep Is Mine!!!

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A little chat about Kratom a very special little plant that doesnt get nearly enough decent press.

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MORCOPOLO0817 says:

It’s great to be able to use nature’s remedies instead of synthetic

Earth Brother 7 says:

Another great video bro! Thanks?

Earth Brother 7 says:

WOW! That’s amazing about your dreams… I started using dream herbs before
psychedelics. The one that worked best for me was myrica gale in a mixture
with mugwort and rosehips (tea). Also, Ormus (homemade) gave me some very
lucid dreams.?

Earth Brother 7 says:

Here in Thailand Kratom is illegal but widely used, especially in the
farming and construction labor force . It’s pronounced kaw-tum by the
Thais. It’s on the same level as heroin. For me the best natural herb that
has worked for reducing pain is turmeric (curcumin). Just starting the
video so my apologies if this is already mentioned. Peace. Oh, do you have
any thoughts on Taylor Marie’s apology video? Have you heard of and/or
tried Ormus??

fleshmuppetable says:

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