KRATOM: Most effective way to use

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How to use kratom….. and like this if you think that people comparing kratom to heroin just is stupid!! and doesnt make sense to u, and people that would make these claims obviously have never used heroin

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alkaline3oh says:

I’d totally bang this chic?

wtfnicknack01 says:

Thats a Sun Drop.. Yews from the south I see :P ?

Ricky Buck says:

I’ve withdrawn C/T off of 10mg a day subutex (used over 1.5 years), 140-200mg/? day Oxycontin (daily, 4 years) & Methadone (tapered and jumped at 10mg). I’ve definitely experienced W/D before. Just wanna say be careful with this stuff, it CAN have some pretty shitty withdrawals. I’m sure everyone’s different, but, I honestly couldn’t believe how bad it was… Skin felt like it was on fire, couldn’t sleep, hot/cold, sweating buckets, etc.. Used it for about 4 months, 3+ weeks to feel “ok” again.

bigsexy3343 says:

I order from tkc botanicals – the Kratom? company…. Pretty good prices and iv beer been disappointed with effects

soulCracka1 says:

I recommend this way also. Orange juice works well too.?

spiveydavo says:

Do you realize you’re damaging the future of kratom? just to get your face on youtube? Stop showing how to CONSUME kratom since its “not for consumption”!!! These videos will ruin it for people that actually are responsible or need it. You say its not like heroin or pills but in your other video YOU ACTUALLY SAY ” ITS LIKE A LORTAB AND A BAR MIXED”. Just stop posting on kratom, you’re digging a deeper hole.

CMO999 says:

Can you please post the link to a good site to buy it from, in the description maybe?? :)

9662851 says:

hey? hey hey!! Spoiler alert.
Some people have not tried it yet.


icyedge2 says:

Probably? Kratom, the same happened to me after 4 years of taking Kratom everyday. I had 3 duodenal ulcers, diagnostic with a gastroscopy. Im only 27 so I cant really see another cause. Im feeling better now but it lasted a while, I had to take pantoprazole for a while to reduce stomach acidity. Also had to change my diet. Kratom is pretty safe, I mean, I took 3-4 cup per day of grinded whole leaf for 4 years, but yeah its not THAT safe either. Luckily, withdrawal doesnt last long.

ikambor says:

I just get a pink grapefruit bottle,,? 12 ounce,, and drink 2/3rd of it,,and then spoon in a tablespoon of kratom,, shake well and I wait for the grapefruit juice in my system to digest about 20 minutes,, the reason is grapefruit juice potentiates the kratom,, just like it does many other substances but the enzymes need to do their thing first,, so its takes 20 minutes,, then I slam the remaining grapefruit juice with the kratom and it maximizes the effect,, give it a try next time

StageNameSadie says:

I hate when people say Kratom in dangerous because there aren’t alot of clinical studies on it because people have been using it for thousands of? year therapeutically. And Kratom is addictive and you withdraw from it but it in no worse than cigarette withdrawals and if someone tells you different they just have small will power. nowhere near as bad as opiate withdrawal.

StageNameSadie says:

It is real but try coming off heroin or real opiates. You? would never bitch about Kratom again.

StageNameSadie says:

maybe you? got ripped off. what brand you get?

stone1sour1 says:

If you shake it in glass jars and filter out the leaf and save the leaf and do it 3-5x more and dispose of the leaf. I also put a shoot of everclear in it and about 100mg caffeine. Kratom is addictive and it causes stomach problems if used heavily or stopped immediately. Boiling it actually releases more, I boil tea and add honey. I use around 8-15gm of maeng? da or up to an oz of Bali. Its very similar to MDMA

btownsmoker says:

I put that shot? in as a dip like chew

ThePeterquistgard says:

in comparison to the white sugar, the honey is way better, so far so good for? trying to heal myself. I believe the Kratom was the culprit, as I never drank alcohol or did any drugs my entire life. Otherwise, if not used regularly, this might be okay, would I recommend it, no because of my major digestive issues never before brought about, an otherwise very healthy 28 yr old man. peace to you, PQ my 2 cents. Careful. Be informed.

ThePeterquistgard says:

listen, careful, used this 3? years and caused major digestive issues for me, ongoing. I have ulcers, and am self treating them. At the first sign of any dig pain be sure to stop, pushing it further will cause long term damage. I was very pro-kratom from 2009-2011. I felt the need to warn someone, as hardly anything out there for info. Switched to Qlty green tea regular consumption which does everything I need it to do including preventing muscle pain, stress, etc. I stir in raw buckwheat honey..

knoxvilluminati says:

i just tried kratom for the first time…drank 4 grams of maeng da and didnt feel nothin after an hour… drank 6 more grams 30 mins ago and still dont feel shht… i got it from kratomking too… im kinda dissapointed? so far.. but maybe it wil kick in soon

Mandoon says:

keepkratomlegal . org/petition

Save? the world from illegal laws!

hijodemadre2 says:

Shit I take 4 tspn about 20 grams a day… But tiis bitch too me seems she is addicted to? kratom ( I think I am too) I bet she eats 40 grams a day or more. This stuff has become more addictive than 2 norco 10s a day. Socially specially Bali kratom.

cutthroatnukka says:

how much do you usually take if you were to have more than just? a half teaspoon?

WormWthWings says:

Gel caps are where it’s at for small? amounts. No gels? Coffee is my next option.

smegmasaurus says:

I know I don’t need to tell? you this, but you’re right, that is way too much. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t stuff all that acetaminophen in there. That’s real bad for your liver. You should try cold water extraction (CWE) Google it and your liver can thank me later.

FormerJunkie101 says:

I don’t compare it to heroin, but i haven’t used heroin since september 2011 and hadn’t used up until? then since jan 2010. I still have a want for heroin, even though i allowed it to become my demise. I was completely consumed by it and was a man reduced to a substance. With that said. I love Kratom. Whenever i have the want for heroin. I just take a couple of grams of kratom, wait 20 mins and i have no longer want heroin at all. I’m in the only stated where it is criminalized. idiots in suits.

pinktac0o says:

kratom didnt do shit to? me. … more I tell’ya more. spent 32 dollars for nothing I shoulda just got some Vicodins now that shit works

hijodemadre2 says:

I like to beat? her pussy up while I drink kratom tea.

postytehdude says:

she’s cute.?

tetrice1994 says:

@ThElitE So 7.5g of thai equals 15mg of narco for you I’ll have to try that I got that maeng da right? now lovin it

kcskateking says:

i just put it in my mouth and swallow. my freind told? me to do it that way. worked for me

gspeigle says:

so? your paying 11 dollars for 2 norcos what a deal

ThElitE says:

Bali, Maeng Da, and 15x don’t do anything for me. I get a $44 bag of 60 caps (30 grams) of Thai and take 15 at a time and it feels like I just popped two? 7.5mg Norco. I always finish my 120 Norco/month in ~7 days (yeah, I know that’s way too fast), way before my next Dr. appointment so I ween off of them with Kratom and I have absolutely no withdrawal. I get my Kratom at Sky High in Tempe, AZ. I don’t know why Thai hit me so hard, but I’m not complaining.

Zach Grant says:

lol snorting it doesnt get it in your lungs. However it would be dumb as hell to snort it. You would have to snort like 7 grams of the stuff. That is an arbitrary number but probably? close to accurate. You would never get to 7 grams anyways let alone 1 gram.

Zach Grant says:

I smoked the? crushed bali leaves, a whole blunt. Did nothing.

Zach Grant says:

I have taken this stuff for long periods of time and really had no bad side effects after quitting it, except maybe the first night you? are restless. However different people have different effects. BTW I drink the powder straight with water or if I have leaves I drink the tea straight. After a while you begin the appreciate the taste, even though it is bitter.

zachr369 says:

Lol at the penis, I may have to try this stuff I’ve heard its pretty good,? my headshop has a smokeable Keating now too

cerulli732 says:

hey i like your video.. very professional.. look up chris’s spice on google and check out my products if you? ever get the chance

Annabells117 says:

Thanks for the? great vid! Where can I buy this? Is it available in the NYC/ NJ area or online? xo

blanklabel1234567890 says:

Why do? you take this so much?

IcemanSam650 says:

where can I buy some??


hey! can u tell me? if ya do the extract the exact same way?

xoxolaurengoode says:

Do you ever experience withdrawals after taking it for 5? Days? I took it everyday for 2 weeks and experienced mood swings, and extreme tiredness does this happen to you? I had also been coming off suboxone the month before

lman504 says:

krAtom is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

lman504 says:

@stuckha they have in? New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kratomuk says:

Great video. You know, you don’t have to mix it with a drink, I mix my kratom with strawberry yogurt which masks the taste quite well and is a lot less gross than mixing it with a drink (in my experience). I have found that as long as I don’t use more yogurt? than necessary it’s just as effective that way as with drink.

rinapink1976 says:

I first seen my girl loossing so much weight And I was like what u doing she said I’m drinking tea,? takes my hunger away help my with my back pain so I can sleep !! I was like wow I like to try so Now i’m on this journey but it taste NASTY Ughhh I like it with Black Cuben Coffiee

spinninwheels5 says:

show us some ass sweet thang!

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