Kratom Capsules review

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A review of Garuda Kratom Capsules

PinExt Kratom Capsules review
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fake onlinename says:

so inaccurate it? should be removed, seriously, no comparison between kratom and opiates, only in a kratom marketer’s wet dream

quarknimble says:

feels good, so high, yeah it feels good, im high, im good,? kratom, try it

TheCbjunkie says:


spiveydavo says:

You want to keep this legal quit saying shit like that. If you want to be able to do it in the future take this video down. i’ve enjoyed kratom for the last 5 years and want to keep it that way, for myself and others. Damn that was? a dumb move dude. i’m not trying to hate but BE SMART!

dalivayagang says:

referring to? Kratom as being like opiates. someone is trying to get this stuff banned, I smell bacon.

rbrthrgs says:

Video is fake, its a commercial for? it

oooqo1 says:

I Truly believe that it depends on your? source for Kratom. I’ve taken it many times and enjoyed it very much with a Nice spliff…According to a few websites, to get the Full effect from the plant, you need to “cycle” onto it similar to steroid users..Apparently the Ideal way to feel the effects is to take it every day, at the same time, 3 times a day, By the end of the first week work yourself up to 8 capsules a day.. From my experience it was Verrry pleasant, similar to taking 2 tabs

zooligist says:

“so it’s like i’m all good? with my probation and everything like that” glad you’re not on street drugs man, but seriously, right idea, terrible execution… all doped out on your bed can’t even hold a camera up. this makes this plant that some of us are using to get OFF dope, like a bannable substance.

rrwbmw89 says:

remove? this man

chompachangas says:

You are irresponsible. Take this down, dude, before you screw it up for the rest of? us.

FatDwarfAxe says:

remove? this.

TheGmixx says:

your the last person i wanna hear saying? “i reommend it” lol


well this isn’t the future face of? kratom. lol j/k dude hope you get out of the system.

codemiesterbeats says:

considering that is the average going rate for less than average quality its not that bad of a deal… I am not a kratom vendor or nuttin just sayin I got stuff str8 out? of indonesia wholesale… if it was a local or sumthin I would sell for even cheaper mate.

xkickerfanboyx says:

how many did? u take?

codemiesterbeats says:

just msg me in my? inbox I might can work something out with you

stlouisbartender1 says:

Hey dude? will you sell to PA?

lonewolf726 says:


codemiesterbeats says:

you must be careful from? who you purchace from… i think a few good ones are arena botanicals… saphire botanicals… I buy all my kratom wholesale… if you are in north carolina area I would be glad to sell you some at a far better price than you can get online…. I can do about 10 bucks a oz… but it is a wonderful plant (if u can get the real thing)

trimphbsa says:

I took 50 in 2 days and got? nothing but skin rash

trimphbsa says:

I agree that you don’t get high, In fact you get? nothing! I got ripped off experimenting with tea and capsules. These are the companies that ripped me off NATURAL HEALING HERBS..Bali Kratom leaf 100g; FULL SPECTRUM…rip off capsules; KAPTAIN KRATOM krap kapsules… and KRATOM CAPSULES more krap kaapsules

agetro82 says:

“and ummm………yeah, its i? mean its..”

codemiesterbeats says:

you dont get high with kratom… its? medicinal. It does have some effects but not a high.

Rob Troy says:

how many did you? take to get that high?

StomperReed says:

true ironlung ? imma keep my mouth closed just love when i find a good find

ironlungdtoker says:

the more ppl that shop? there the higher the prices will be , just sayin …

StomperReed says:

to avoid nasea hmmm probably drink less that stuff seems to stay in dry powder form even with liquid (I know it doesnt seem possible but its true lol) I have smoked the leaves and powder and I? had no effects …so I think its best to ingest it..I also melted chocolate down and put tons of kratom in it!its not bad try it sometime.

kimiscool7 says:

I have noticed the capsules are much better to deal with than the? tea, and how many pills do you have to take?

kimiscool7 says:

I am sure you get this question a? lot, how do you avoid the nausea when you initially drink it. Have you ever tried smoking it?

StomperReed says:

I have like 3 pounds of different kratoms…I’ve used too much I? don’t get a good effect anymore so I’m gonna quit for awhile. tip BIKHUK.COM best kratom wicked cheap wholesale prices

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