Kratom Being Used to Help Opiate Withdrawal?

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Kratom is becoming a popular drug on the streets because it’s currently legal. It’s being sold online as well as in smoke shops around the country. I get peo…

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Kratom Being Used to Help Opiate Withdrawal??

Chase Gee says:

hahahaha oh ryan.. To an opiate addict kratom is like Tramadol- it doesn’t
do shit. First off, if you have an opiate tolerance, you will have to eat
so much kratom you’d puke before you really even felt a slight buzz.
Secondly, IF- and that IS a big IF- you stay on it long enough (like 2-3
weeks) the withdrawal is like a mild cold. Don’t let this scare you,
people. Do what you need to do to get off opiates. if that means use
kratom, then use kratom.?

Mario Paciaffi says:

Ryan your the man and your posts have been a big help for me throughout my
struggle. However, Kratom is a gift from God. Not only did it tremendously
help me get through my w/d. It is also a major help for my post acute w/d
and the random cravings I get. When I experience a bad craving I grab some
kratom and I will admit that it does not get me high, it does eliminate the
craving and get it out of my system. When Kratom, in moderation, is used as
a tool for the recovering opiate addict it can be a big help. I must also
state that if one begins to use kratom recreationally and as a substitute
for their opiate of choice then problems may arise. But then again taking a
few grams of kratom a day is a major step forward from snorting multiple
pills or bags of h…….but that is just my humble opinion of what works
for me. ?

Lee Brown says:



I have used kratom daily for a year to come off suboxone. After a year, I
gradually tapered the dose over 3 months and had very little if any
withdrawal. I still enjoy a kratom tea no more than once or twice a week if
I feel the urge to use any addictive substances. It has absolutely changed
my life for the better and it would be a great disadvantage to make this
illegal when opiate addiction is an epidemic. I appreciate your work and
what you are doing but you really need to view some of the positive aspects
of kratom and how many people it has helped.?

Bollor says:


Erik Pelligrino says:

Sorry, didnt see this video?

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