Kratom And Juice

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Testing out a different method of ingesting kratom to see if it alters the effects.

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MrTomuk93 says:

It’s easier to put in a bottle then shake it up?

PurePessimism says:

Fadge, have you heard of the online drug market called Silk Road? Surprised
I haven’t heard it in any of your videos?

Sourpuss says:

Clear reptilian shapeshifter evidence at 8:36. The users voice shifts out
of his normal voice and he reveals his true reptilian voice when he says
“with this method”?

DJs BrewTube says:

I am sure that the government is watching each and every one of you videos.
What the hell do people this. If they don’t like a video you post they
don’t have to watch. The stuff looks like the kelp powder they sell in the
health food store and mix with apple juice. Interesting effects in this
one. At one point you were almost talking in slow motion.

Dave Nicholson says:

Camel shit can get you high slightly as well. Guess we need to ban it…?

LordQuinn says:

I have tried kratom in the past and in my opinion the negatives out weigh
the positive benefits. Kratom behaves as a ?-opioid receptor agonist like
morphine and the plant carries the potential for addiction and can lead to
withdrawal symptoms. I am not trying to deter or promote use of kratom
merely to share information and opinions. That was interesting video
thanks for sharing.?

stalkerlohh says:

bastard already banned this and salvia divinorum last year where i live..
well, i still got my plants ahahaha…?

PurePessimism says:

How often do you take kratom, Fadge? if one was wanting to make their own
kratom extract/tincture (which I would advise because the majority of the
extract is bullshit and overpriced) look up or search
google for “kratom tincture guide” or similar because that ebook from the
site is more or less all over the web for free.?

PurePessimism says:

all you need to do is add the kratom powder to the top, wait 5 mins for the
powder to moisten and then thoroughly stir it :) ?

PurePessimism says:

I said on your Bali 50x review that you should take that video down because
it doesn’t look good. where you talking about my comment??

PurePessimism says:

Orange juice and other certain fruit juices have been found to contain the
same chemical in grapefruit juice that inhibits the liver from breaking
down certain drugs, this also includes the opioids in kratom. I would
personally advise against these potentiators as they are very hard to dose,
can cause overdose easily and even fatal overdose. I would advise that
kratom should only be taken in extract form the more concentrated the
better. NOT as powder or powder juice mixes. I very much believe the coarse
leaf powder can damage and upset the guts, causing diarrhoea, constipation,
extreme gas, stomach ulcers. just google, “kratom abdominal pain” or
“kratom stomach ulcers” or “kratom liver problems”. you may even be in real
abdominal pain after using kratom and not realize because of its amazing
pain killing effects. I VERY much believe extract and especially tincture
can stop or reduce a lot of side effects from eating powder/tea. Also, it
is far easier to dose, feels better and can produce greater effects.
Tolerance and addiction shouldn’t really be a problem if you use it

adam clark says:

I ate 10g of maeng da/bali normal powdered kratom for my first time
yesterday. I felt very sedated and tired. Ended up taking a nap, going to
try 6g of just md and see the effects. The best way I find is to get hot
water that is cold enough to chug, the kratom will mix better in the warm
water and it won’t destroy the active alkaloids because of heat.?

PurePessimism says:

I said on your Bali 50x review that you should take that video down because
it doesn’t look good. where you talking about my comment??

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