Kratom addiction is real.

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This is my story of taking kratom daily. My daily intake ranges from 14 – 20 grams I am posting this on you tube to notify people about kratom addiction and …

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Drobium77 says:

You are going through the typical ‘kratom crash’ if you don’t know about
this, it can hit you like a ton of bricks.
You’ll feel desolate, depressed, teary, anxious, moody, sleepless, fretful,
angry, sad, happy, euphoric, depressed. But this will pass in a round 3-6

The depression and such will makes you hate everything and everyone and
you’ll go through periods of self loathing and criticising.

You” think that you’ve really screwed up and that your life is in tatters
and that everyone can see you’re a failure….BUT!

That’s just the WDs, you will get over them, you must not allow yourself to
be a slave to them.

The funny thing about kratom WDs is how you can turn total despair into
euphoria, it’s easy, you have to think about the good times ahead, how
everything has suddenly come back into sharp focus and the real world has
suddenly engulfed you. it’s like a whole new world and you have to remember
that :-)

Just take each hour as it comes, cry if you need to, but just keep telling
yourself that everything you are feeling is temporary and fake, it WILL go.

You’ve had the good times, but now you have to pay the piper, but the WD’s
always go.

I was addicted for almost 4 years at 40+grams per day of green malay, but
I’m through the other side now and you cannot imagine how good everything
is now :-)

And the weird thing is, I do not regret a single day on kratom, it gave me
back so much of my life and made me do better at work, at saved me
from a bad alcohol problem and i’ll defend it’s use to my grave.

Just stick with it and give me a shout if you need to talk, there are
dozens of ways of getting through WD’s with not much pain and anxiety, you
just need to know that you are not alone :-) ?

Kim Jerue says:

Is this being filmed in the YMCA bathroom?? That is a lot of tile work
behind you. poor dear…?

Jim Ipsum says:

Something about this screams fake to me. Kratom is definitely addictive,
but so is alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes. ?

Mark T says:

I am sorry that your not well but I feel you have many issues and things
have built up, Kratom when used correctly is not addictive and is highly
beneficial for many people who do suffer from stress and depression and
also helps with opiate addiction. ?

Shawn Keith says:

Do NOT switch to suboxene, please don’t do it, go reasearch the horror
stories of sub withdrawal its about 100x worse than kratom wd, you would be
going in the wrong direction !!! If you want to taper of the kratom it is
very easy with the right tools, look into stem and vein material and taper
with that and then stop usage followed by a healthy diet and exercise and
you will be fine, subs will ruin your life just reasearch it!! If your
husband knows what is going on have him monitor your taper schedule because
it sounds like your problem stems from a lack of self control ?

Kelly Dunn says:

Kratom is not your problem, stupidity and a lack of control are your

As your video states, you were depressed and DESPERATE, anti-depressants
were not working.Then you tried Kratom and it worked,

Kratom worked for you but you were too stupid to use it responsibly.

So now you are stopping and getting depressed again, surprise!

Stop blaming a helpful substance for your own stupidity! ?

Nigel Somerset says:

I’m so proud of you that you have had the courage to upload this video on
YouTube. Lol?

DanielReedLockard says:


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