Keep Kratom Legal; Our Medicine is in Jeopardy

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Please be aware, and speak your mind. don’t let this turn into another reefer madness or salvia scare….

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Kim Jerue says:

my biggest wish is that when people comment on this they would knock off
the name calling and the cursing…we will get no place if we don’t speak
of this with inelegance and keep it clean….?

queenbeenightly says:

Damn, you’d think they have bigger fish to fry. But no, they have to waste
their fucking time trying to make this illegal. I wonder if these assholes
will have regrets when they look back upon their worthless lives. ?

HoTrEtArDeDcHiX says:

It stays legal. No more discussion about it, Illinois. Make it illegal, we
tap your phones and computers, and y’all go back to federal prison where
you belong just like the other two governors we put there.?

Kim Jerue says:

thanks, well done and to the point. :) ?

Luís Morais says:

Thank you very much, Carpo! Another great work to keep our Kratom legal!?

Phillyzbadboy420 says:

I know how you feel Josh and thank you for this video. At the end of the
day, the government always keeps things illegal cuz they can’t profit off
of it or its a natural cure that will hurt big pharma?

Derek Kennedy says:

Check out the Indo at Works great for aunt’s fibro pain.
Great kratom and great prices.?

donovan soland says:

Great Videos about Mitragyna. They are very informative. More people need
to speak out about this subject. Keep up the good work. Check out the herb
research video the truth. It’s great.?

godiva7721 says:

Cool Josh…I am listening. I have been on morphine for 7 years due to pain
issues cause of spine disease. Am I dependant on it? Yep. Am I addicted to
it? Nope. After my last surgery, I wanted to see what my baseline pain
level was, so I titrated myself off of the morph. Unfortunately, while I
did not need the same amount to control pain, I did find that I still
needed some morph. I am very open to trying kratom to see if it is a better
alternative for me. I’ll be moving along to your next vid.?

Orangecounty72 says:

+Carpo719 Preach it Brother !!! Now where I live at this time by
Witchita,Kansas ( go Wichita state ) anyway we have it here ive never tried
it wouldn’t know what’s good or not ? I mean I have sciatica, & degenerated
disc disease in T-6-T9 the injury happened in 1996 anyway osteoArthritis
and kinda messed up lumbar L-2-L-5 & my hips hurt and ive had bursitis I’m
on hydro or Norco 325 /5 now on and off for 1yr before I just refused to
take anything !!! not alot 15 to 30 a month but it sux the withdrawal.
So do you think it would be good for me to try ? I know ill never be pain
free but I need to get back to working to helping not being hehe I
hope you know what I mean God bless um sorry for the God bless ,well I’m
not sorry hehe shalom brother !?

TheJennRogue says:

Exactly, even bongs are illegal in Victoria, I bought one here, but Nimbin
wow! I’d never seen anything like that, gunja everywhere then some.?

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