Is Kratom Dangerous? NO!!! Keep Kratom Legal!

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Please, think before you ever vote based on the bullshit the media feeds you. We think we are protecting society by banning freedom of consumption; but in fa…

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Kathy Ranta says:

@Derek, Yes I did order from Leafstrong on Amazon. Love that vendor. I just
commented about them on another thread, pretty much praised them like you
did. Took me a long time to find a vendor that was consistent. Plus I love
the fact that they always ship you extra! Love this vendor and their kratom
is great. Glad to see another loyal customer. Have you seen the sale they
are having this week? Check it out on their facebook page.?

Wesley Todd says:

Very proud of you for doing this video! It is so good! I am not even
finished with it yet but I will already swear by it! God Bless you! Would
love to connect you with a few more of us. If you can please contact me
please email me at I have a producer that is
helping us and I would love to get him to put you in a studio if possible.
There is a kratom documentary movie being made right now. You would be so
good for this! Please contact me. Thank you so much for telling the truth
and being positive! Thank you so much for not being lazy and actually
making this! So many are getting so much help with kratom but not motivated
enough to make a video! Kratom saved my life!?

UnderEternalSkies says:

I find that my friends and family are afraid of kratom and against it bc it
has opiate like effects. Even though they have witnessed its benefits on
me. People are just afraid of plants and I get tired of people trying to
dictate to me what I can and can’t put in my own fucking body. That
includes loved ones who harass the shit out of me and criticize and
dehumanize me for my kratom use. Governments and people need to fuck off
and see kratom for what it really is…a fucking leaf.?

flyinpoptartcat says:

I would say kratom is less risky than cannabis because you can still drive
fine on kratom. Cannabis isn’t as inebriating as alcohol but it does still
change your reaction time ect.?

Kathy Ranta says:

Kratom is awesome for so many things! So tired of the negativity
surrounding it. I use it a couple of times a week and I am not addicted. I
love the energy and focus from Maeng da. I found a great online vendor They have a lot of different strains and great prices.
Great online vendor, which will help win this fight!?

Derek Kennedy says:

@Kathy did you order from when they were Leafstrong on
Amazon. Evidently Amazon is having issues with selling kratom. So happy
when I find their website. Their Maeng da is amazing. Tried it because I
saw the customer reveiws that they were getting on Amazon, they were
through the roof! Love their Bali too. Can’t beat their prices and fast
shippng either. Owner is super nice and helpful.?

DanielReedLockard says:

Great Video!!?

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