How To Make The Perfect Kratom Tea

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Using powdered PL Red Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) to make the perfect cup of kratom tea. Links:- Where I got the kratom: Tea …

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MrTomuk93 says:

I just put 4g in a 500ml bottle top up with OJ shake and sit for about
15min shake then drink, much more pleasant than tea or toss n wash :) ?

DJs BrewTube says:

The way that you have to boil and strain this stuff it looks a lot like
home brewing. Interesting video my experimenting Brother.

Mark T says:

……………and this is why Kratom will eventually be banned as your
promoting it as a “High” when in fact Kratom is not about the high its
about the positive effects it has on Anxiety/ Depression and the help it
can have towards helping addicts get off Opiates etc. Also the pain relief
properties for people suffering from various pain related problems.?

john smith says:


sd3345 says:

Keep the vids coming mate. Cheers?

Sourpuss says:

Try filtering it though normal kitchen paper?

Spencer Jameson says:

Is kratom tea part of opium?

XoX X o X says:

Mr fadge how much does this cost……..+ wat was the gf reaction to the e
lol did she embrace you creative streak lol?

adz360adz says:

Awesome video dude! Thanks for the shout out! and the PL red is very strong
it’s probably the most bitter tasting due to its high alkaloid profile and
the PL stands for private land,
Peace! :) ?

Dave Nicholson says:

:) ?

mindslightlylifted says:

Also, I wouldn’t worry about the first batch yielding less liquid, it is
simply more concentrated (unless of course it got too hot and was boiling
away the alkaloids). This is actually how the resin extract is made, you
keep reducing the liquid (tea if you will) until it is a resin consistency.?

John Cothes says:

it was great..totally enjoyed your work..I love kratom..thank you?

mindslightlylifted says:

Glad you are enjoying kratom, friend! Completely agree on the combo with
herb being amazing. Cheers.?

Alex Evans says:

Kra’om. xP?

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