Help getting off Pain Pills and with withdrawals

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Getting off of Opiates, such as Percocet,Methadone,Lortabs, Opana, etc.

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Selina Amy says:

i take upto 50 oxi pills day and im currently going to court an have to do
urine analisis and i keep failing cos im trying to reduce the amount and
its down to 25 and i had to wait a few months for a space in the clinic to
get suboxone an the suboxone is only 2mgs atm im goin back to get a higher
dose but in the mean time im getting shat on in drug court for it ,i am
trying tho once i get the bigger dose i wont be needing to take the pills
,and i was sitting in my car with 3mates who smoke meth (i dont touch it)
and it keeps showing up in my blood also so i keep getting into trouble for
that too ,i drive them evrywhere and cant just get out the car or ill go
rolling down the road and that may hurt my bones i ask them to wait until
we get to whereeva we r goin but they wont ,i stopped going out with them
as of monday but it dont change the fact that wat they wer doing was
getting into my lungs and giving me the dirty samples,i thought u can only
passive smoke cigaretts but yeah,i have court again on thursday comming and
a test tomorow?

Brandon J says:

if you really want to get off opiates, go buy some Imodium, ibuprofen,
vitamin b supplement, 5htp, and if you feel like telling your doctor, you
can get some clonodine. With clonodine and imodium togethor, 90% of
withdrawals will be gone without delaying the whole process. If you take
anything else like sub/methadone, your just delaying the inevitable.
Imodium alone, can take away 50-75% of withdrawals if you take enough.
Throw some cannabis in there, and you’re set. You’re still going to feel
some discomforts(especially in the mornings b4 meds) but atleast the “cold
turkey” will be bearable and doable with a little OTC assistance.?

Dan C says:

Good for you bro…..your back!!!!! You kicked the devils a$$!
Everyone NOT do Suboxone unless you really want to walk through
the valley of hell blind without a cane.?

leonakita says:

fentanyl is 80x stronger than morphine and is by far the most difficult and
brutal detox of all the opiates. I know from personal experience… this
is not the way to go.. the patch is a ramp up, and has its own serious
abuse potential. Suboxone is best we have right now and its not perfect,
but fentanyl is NOT THE ANSWER…its primarily prescribed for terminal
cancer patients..that alone should be a wakeup call.?

azshaw123 says:

You will start again unless you become violently ill..Then you will stop,
simply because you will be scared of the feeling that you used to have to
make you feel better and if that does not make sense then nothing will…?

Joshua McLean says:

Are you still sober??

Chris Nunya says:

Congrats on becoming sober…and thanks for your advice and story. I agree
that Methadone is NOT the way to go I am a veteran and my shrink at the VA
hospital recommended that I go to the clinic. I’m started off just taking
15 mg and they kept upping my dosage…well I quit at 30 like you did and
the withdrawals were hell so I went back to the clinic now I’m on 100 mg
and I am scared of even trying to just jump off at 100 I could barely stand
jumping from 30 but I will probably go by a taper and hopefully have the VA
help me but the VA hospital here where I live sucks (Memphis) so yeah
thanks for sharing and if you can do it I’m sure I can too! Take care man!?

jean clark says:

get help from professionals. do not take the fenetnal patch, it could be
too strong for u.?

Ben Johnson says:

I hear you buddy! It’s VERY hard to come off these pills. Try Loperamide.
It helps me.?

patrick gorski says:

im tryna get off them tec 3′s and OC’s i know the tecs are the lower
strength but theyr still so good its hard to get off of. ?

charles batten says:

atleast u have the heart to try that the biggest step life isn’t easy u
have fight to survive.

tenthsndyearsgoingon says:

how are you doing now? I have had this problem for almost 10 years it
sucks, there is no easy way to do this.,,,

tenthsndyearsgoingon says:

how you doing now bro?

Haley Hook says:

This video is really great. I am 17 days clean from methadone also. I was
at 110 mgs. daily. The clinic kept telling me that I couldn’t stop because
I would die. It was hell, but I did it without the help of a detox
facility. I did take 2 suboxones that lasted me 3 days similar to the
patches and it helped a lot with the withdrawal. The depression,
sleeplessness and restless legs is the worst though. Hope you’re still
doing well! It’s nice to see a positive story about coming clean.

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ricky woolard says:

thats great bud.!!! i feel you on every level your talking about!! alot of
people need to sink this thuff in there head,,,,im not clean , been on
methadone for 10 years now 3rd day on subs. this HELPS…no hight what
soever…..but withdrawls are gone… two thumbs up buddy,,,still clean?

Zach Zachman says:

At least he’s making an effort, yeah, you don’t see beer being handed out
in treatment but not everyone can afford that or, many times, their health
insurance simply won’t cover it.

uscgamecockable says:

its all in your head

ricky woolard says:

I HEAR YA IV SEEN people in the clinic for perc they relly gotta prob once
they get on that done NO… m e t h a d o n e…. i wouldnt advise a patch.
kolonadine TRY SUBUTEX i think clearly smell all my sinces have
been bocked for so trying to fuction off the subs cause it new to
me.and no opiates with it, or youWILL get sick then,,,,,stuggaling but, so
far so good

RandomDealer says:

Wow. This is…was…is…wow.

Phish N' Chimps says:

Not so cool now..are ya

Mark Peterson says:

Hope all is well with you. Thanks again for the comment, It was
appreciated. It also reminded me of how much happier i am with myself.
Though i am “only” 2 weeks in, that’s a lifetime in this situation. Days
get better. It’s amazing how much better you take care of yourself when you
are no longer putting pills ahead of everything. Another week, and i will
have been clean longer than i have in 4+ years. I am grateful that i never
got too heavy in terms of mg per day. Again, thanks. Best wishes.

Mark Peterson says:

I do apologize for rambling, though if you read by comments, you could
assume why. But not just that, this is working for me, and i wish to spread
the word, that others are at least aware of this route. I will be honest, i
won’t know for sure until day 5-6 when i stop taking the adderall, if it
really works. Though i have read many that claim it does in fact work. I
will try anything! What gets me, is i didn’t use a extreme dose. Maybe 30mg
opana a day, but W/D hit me fast and hard.

Mark Peterson says:

Best of luck, sorry for all the comments.

Mark Peterson says:

The reason i relapsed was because, though i felt fine, and was sleeping
great and gaining weight, i had no energy in my legs. 5hr energy cured that
for an hr or two. This time though, i won’t take the 5hr energy, which is
basically a shit load of B6 and B12 for energy. Because of our opiate use,
our brains quit producing B6 and B12 or absorbing it, one or the other. I
now thinks it’s best to not supplement, but instead let my brain heal, and
get back to normal. 5hr energy may inhibit that.dunno


im 17 and drink 2 times a day plus constantly high on bad shit
(oxy,morphine) im worried about the alch and pills (i never take on top of
each other) and the effect on my liver. i cant stop HELP

Chris Heil says:

Ryan, Thanks for posting this. Don’t feed the trolls and listen to the
negative. Your video gives people hope. I assure you

Scott Bonnell says:

That’s an incorrect statement. Suboxone is used however it will best
benefit the patient and reducing harm as much as possible. If a person is
addicted to “weak” opiates such as hydrocodone for a short amount of time
then they would want a small dose of Suboxone for a short amount of time;
if they have been injecting heroin for years long-term maintenance would be
needed. It reduces the risk of death, HIV, legal trouble, etc. You can’t
just constrain Suboxone as everyone is different.

christoartisto jaxson says:

shut the fuck up man.. what u r saying is so retarded. i just want to beat
your ass.

Skyshine burner says:

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quorthon420 says:

well ya, it depends for everybody, but probably like 80% or people on sub
use or relapse that’s all im saying I agree with you for the most part

Wealthy BigPenis says:

He was drinking in the video so he was never actually “Clean and Sober”.

mj joss says:

This is sad. just eat some vicodan and valium and call it a day.

Mark Peterson says:

I don’t know whether you are about to journey into w/d or if you have
already, but if you should find yourself on that path, i will gladly be
here to help, if you need someone to talk with, or any tips on how to help
ease any symptom that you may(will) experience. I had no one to talk with,
but i found relief in watching videos of others going through w/d. I
personally liked the Actiq Diaries.

Joe Cannabyte says:

I ended up selling my part and getting about $80,000, moved into home,
invested, doubled my money, invested again, lost some money, I was savvy,
completely self-made and doing pretty damn good. Within those 5 years I put
somewhere around $150k into my arms, nose and lungs. All because my doctor
at the Pain Clinic didn’t provide the truth about how bad methadone
withdrawals are. So ironiclly, I Took methadone first, my “gateway” to

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