Hardcore MXE trip Explained

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What i was experiencing during my hardcore mxe trip video website to buy mxe: www.isomerism.org.

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sergiu vasea says:

i’m high to?

simon weller says:

prefer ket but mxe 120mg capsule. Lay down ambeint music head phones and
visulizations on pc. Happy days :) I don’t advise this as a first dose to
anyone i had too build my self up. Be carfull and take care with research
chemicals, MXE is not ketamine.. I’d highly advise against snorting hench
lines thinking you have a tollerance to it. Capsules or subligual is good
for me. :) ?

Lewis Wade says:

This guy looks like a straight up junkie?

DanielSchlossberg1 says:

yo been watching ur vids never tried methoxetamine fell in fuckin love with
mephedrone tho was wonderin if u tried it if there were any comparisons

Aaron Baker says:

Hey John, I want to order from isomerism but I have heard that they are
“selective scammers” Your thoughts on that?

pawldub says:

i got bronchitis.. aint nobody got time for that!! happy birthday bro make
some vids at the rave and im gonna be orderin from isomerism soon i think
cuz like i said mine is shit

Val Halla says:

Mates just wanted to give u heads up roflcoptr situation in UK. Check link
if u want source but B careful w/this stuff PLEASE! My friend had tacrine
toxicity Google it. poor kid wears diaper due to “involuntary fecal
incontinence” Dr did toxicology & said chemist who made it used
monocrotophos instead of whatever the hell they do to make it. That is an
insecticide and neuro toxic.

dissociated ape says:

be careful with that shit its a great drug but try not to binge on it

Val Halla says:

click link if u dont believe me

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