Grow talk and some clear extract “jelly” talk

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Talking new DE double ended ballast and hoods, and the clear extraxts. The extracts that are jellys and clear or yellow. How they have active thc. So they be…

PinExt Grow talk and some clear extract jelly talk
tafbutton blue16 Grow talk and some clear extract jelly talk


gnirrednow says:

where is the top of your head????

bob langey says:

does that mean they can use some bad trim to make their extract because
they can then just add flavors afterwards??

Mike Kills says:

Fuck your shit! IF ANYONE SEES UAE product GET IT! 20x more fire then nicks
wack ass shit! UAE is Shido good goods. Shido has the good stuff. Nick is
pushing to 40k and only 3G watch LMFAO nick = generic paid program .. This
channel is dead as fuck! ?


I don’t think they “vapourize” it out or add flavors and just cuz its clear
does not mean its “active” it just means its clean lol…?

Oh Relentless says:

please silence your phone?

Zxywqv says:


GANJADUDEdotcom says:

FYI, water is a solvent. The only TRUE solventless is dry sift.?

burningbudz4201 says:

Bret’s smart as fuck! Check out bubbleman for the full melt! Since the
yield is so low with making solventless couldn’t you dry sift and then
blast the remaining material? Or even when using the bags dry out the
material and blast it?!?

FootballofOregonBro says:

Bro I’m comin to long beach for SpBr we should blaze?

jason phun says:

On point my ninja ?

Ryan Forest says:

yo man, where can I get one of those ill “Globlins” shirts I always see you

jamaica4lifes says:

You forgot to explain about Co2 wax?

Junior Chavez says:

70$ a gram your trippin?

joeybryce says:

Less beer, more bitches. ?

wolfeblitzer123 says:

well put together vid?

John Sanki says:

Drinking every day like that for a while will fuck your liver up.?

XBLXxR1fleManxX says:


Salvatore Sorrento says:

To sort out any confusion
Nicks Extracts does not have a helicopter. ?

Topspeed325 says:

Are solvents safe to use when you are consuming your BHO? Or does butane
just dissipate? How do we know about safety? How do we know if others are
making product safely or correctly? Just curious. Cheers.?

Junior Chavez says:

I’m in l.a. where are you? I came from up north 5 hours away?

BowlingRalls says:

WHO’S ENTRY WAS THE JELLY.. was it number 2??

A. Hernandez says:

Great vid, a lot of info.?

Thomas Dennis says:

Smoking on the OG Ghost Train Haze from Southweast Alternative Care in
Denver Colorado. WE BLAZE?

Flank Dizzle says:

8:58 your phone scared the shit out of me.?

andyfibb says:

clear is fucking gnar, i gave them so much hate on IG cus that stuff is a
fucking joke for money making?

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