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TutsTeach says:

Everyone should take anything any mainstream news source tells you with
more than a truck-load of salt. They spin things any way they want.

But about this video, I would rather just watch the documentary instead of
hearing about the directors intentions step by step. It would be better to
just give an overview rather than reading from notes.?


Keep up the good fight Tony! Kratom has saved my life?

K`` says:

The International Drug Policy Consortium concluded after investigation that
Kratom is safe when used alone even considering its potential for
dependency. Dependency was also shown to be merely annoying and not
debilitating. They stated that there is no empirical evidence showing
Kratom as being dangerous. They also found that the Thai govt was
distorting the facts and controlling Kratom for economic and political
purposes. They also noted that there has never been one reported fatality
from Kratom. Here are 2 of their reports.

The long term effects of Kratom have been shown and assessed already. It
has been used for centuries. The US govt and media act as if Kratom
appeared on earth last week.
There are many studies showing its medicinal benefits. The govt and media
are blatantly denying the facts.

In the U.S. there has been one supposed death from Kratom itself in Dec
2013. In every other reported death involving Kratom there were dangerous
and illegal drugs found in the person’s system such as amphetamines,
heroin, anti seizure meds, desmethyltramadol, and alcohol. The deaths were
attributed to these substances not Kratom. One death in the history of
Kratom does not make it dangerous. ?

resellworld says:

haha I like how you put emphasis on DICK-inson :) I would have done the
same thing if some assho……DICK was trying to get my kratom banned for
no reason.?

pinolero13 says:

I’m looking forward to this film being made.Kratom helps my depression
about my back problems.?

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