Focus (prolintane) from knb organics review

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Its John Comin back with my first RC review in Months. Focus (prolintane) from knb organics review. Rating 10/10. Get it at It’s called …

PinExt Focus (prolintane) from knb organics review
tafbutton blue16 Focus (prolintane) from knb organics review


digitalbodhisattva says:

How many mg did you take??

Joe Smith says:

You’re a groundbreaker: this is the only prolintane video currently on
YouTube. Sounds interesting, and according to Wikipedia it has a “very
good safety profile”. Now I’m gonna have to get on Bluelight…?

Tyler Carter says:

Okie dokie dr house lol. I’m sure you are a lab technician that can make
sure you actually get what they say they’re selling.?

thadias carpenter says:

use those sacraments right!?

Thugerd Mammothington says:

Good review definitely have to do some research on the chem. not a big fan
of k&b though ?

Jennifer Korowaj says:

Dude your F**kn awesome, really appreciate all your reviews, helped me out
alot.. Keep up the good work.. n like always “STAY HIGH”,,,?

MrDegaldy says:

John just quit saying RCS ,once you say that people are like :O ITS BAD

Phillip Vedros says:

Damn dude u take a lot of random stimulates. Probably not good for ur brain?

Tyler Carter says:

Rc’s are some of the must dangerous things you can use. Might as well do
some krokidil too!?


looks like MDPV eyes pop LOL?


its better than apvp??

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