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Hey, I’m going to be doing some reviews of ethnobotanicals and legal buds. This is just a little intro video I did.

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ChannelFadge says:

cool! subscribed for your vids because they sounds like theyre gonna be
good. also drug tests at work, the idea is crazy to me. they shouldnt be
allowed to do that?

Lance Jones says:

You’re oober cute btw?

MstrSmth says:

@Josh: Hawaiaan baby woodrose was the worst stuff I ever tried. Extreme
nausea and it took 10 hours to come down. The trip was just like living in
slow-mo. Ten hours appeared like eternity. And I felt mentally bad for days
after that.
EthnoCurious: Are you intending to post vids about other topics than
Kratom? Would be interesting.?

EthnoCurious says:

Yes I am interested! Can you give me more info about a reliable source? Do
you think its more intense than salvia divinorum? That stuff will
completely shed the ego for a 15-30 min out of body adventure.

EthnoCurious says:

Sweet! I’ll check it out

uncertaintimes411 says:

What’s your name? :) Also the best forum hands is kratom connoisseurs. It
will take your knowledge to a whole new level. You can also free absolute
vendors there. After awhile if you want kratom on a different level and
cheaper, order it from Indonesia. Check out kratom delight, it’s fresh off
the plantation and much more potent than places like bouncing bear. Used to
go there myself until I went on that forum and found all the best (and
cheaper)..you won’t be sorry you did :D

Josh Hiland says:

I don’t know if you are interested in psychedelics at all, but Hawaiian
Baby Woodrose seeds (Hawaiian strain) is the strongest and most enjoyable
legal psychoactive out there imo.

Josh Hiland says:

I’ve always gotten mine from shamans garden and have gotten great quality.
I definitely wouldn’t compare it to salvia simply because it’s an 8-10 hr.
experience. The effects are most comparable to LSD, with less visuals.
Basically an intense body high and profound sense of beauty in everything :)

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