Cold Water Extraction (CWE)

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Simple, extraction methods which could save lives, why damage your liver? This method can be used on most water soluble opiates. Please comment, share and rate. Refs: Codeine Solubility:…

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Andrew Britt says:

Does this process make the pills stronger or is all this just to remove the

cheif highgrade says:

Does this enhance the codeine potency or by liquefying it , it’s quicker
delivery to the blood stream ?
Does this just extract the paracetamol? ?

TripReportsandInfo says:

Can I use a Keurig Coffee [Filter] to filter it? ?

StalkerGtfo says:

Will this work with Percocet pills too??

Michael Hernandez says:

I completely understand the whole video… Do you drink the water at the
end? or maybe I didn’t understand the video. Here’s my problem. I’ll give
you alittle bit of my history. I caught HEP-C around 19-20 years old. I’m
27 now. The doctor told me I have some inflammation but not bad. My friend
gets percs doesn’t take them because he’s not an addict like me and doesn’t
sell them because he doesn’t know what he has in his hands… So every time
I go to his house he gives me about 10-15. Anyways I can’t afford to
consume this like candy. I need to do this method bro. Can someone PM me,
someone that knows how to successfully do this shit. After it’s water
downed like that you can shoot it? I don’t understand. Thanx?

Samuel Cright says:

Please DO NOT wet the “filtration media” because the water will drip
everywhere once you pour in the codeine/apap solution. This isn’t just
inconvenient as you may also lose a lot of codeine. I have done codeine
CWE’s countless times and in theory wetting the towel seems like a great
idea but in practice the success of the entire extraction will depend on
the brand of paper towel you buy(basing it off cheap/expensive is too vague
and inaccurate). I doubt anyone will ever compile a list of which paper
towels work best when wet in a codeine CWE so if you want to take the risk
then feel free. I’m just warning you that it just cost me 200mg of codeine.
Don’t let my loss be in vain!?

Philip Mark Matejeski says:

I recently had a total thyroidectomy and was prescribed
oxycodone/acetaminophen 5/325. I take three each night and I get really bad
nausea. My question is, once you’ve got the finished product, how much do
you know to drink??

THEDUB Wall says:

so if i use co-codamol 8/500 and do it with 32 tablets, do all the stuff in
the video can i then turn the liquid into powder and mesure it up into 30
or 60mg doses and put them in caps??

Chris Blaze says:

I have tramadol people, what do I do??

Joe Jitsu says:

first of all,this is one of the better methods I have seen,but even this
one is still way more technical than it needs to be..I have been doing CWE
for a lot of years and the need to get the water at a certain temp and the
acetaminophen to settle a certain amount is just not needed…Crush the
fuckers up,add 150 ml of water(i use room temp tap water in a jug beside my
desk)mix it up,tampen a paper towel and pour the shit in,then add a little
more water to my mixing cup to ensure its all out pour it again the paper
towel and drink the shit..I have tried all other technical ways and the way
i do it and i get the exact same result,maybe your way gives a tiny less
loss but not enough to care..from start to finish,I can crush my pills mix
it and drink it in 40 seconds and I am good to go…I got my liver tested 6
years ago and it wasnt to bad,after doing this method for 6 years my liver
had not changed that much..I wanted off so went to a doctor and got put on
tylenol 4 ,I took 6 a day for a year and showed more damage from that than
taking them with this method!…This method does work,and the idea this
video has works,just dont need to have warm wter cold water ,put it in the
freezer or worry about it settling.,..just crush,mix,pour and drink!?

Rochelle Ozil says:

Thanks for the video. I just did everything you said. May I just say
CODEINE TASTES FUCKING NASTY! End result was crystal clear and lovely.?

Dana Duley says:

Just tried this with toilet paper as my filter and ibuprophen/codeine
Will let ya’ll know the deets..?

rellik187redrum says:

Tried it very carefully with oxycodone and basically it just wastes your
dope,thanks anyways.?

Andrew Britt says:

Does this work with hydrocodones??

sal axa says:

reeeeeeetard. dam I could have had them?

Michael Dewinter says:

Dose Tylenol get u high of u do this??

TheLulzbatRises says:

Oh yea baby im gonna get so high next weekend.?

iMW3BK says:

Cool clock.?

HeyThisIsCherry says:

what’s the ratio for this method ?!?

Adam Jones says:

Is there a way of improving this by evaporating the water away


Shawna Thomas says:

If a person normally takes two pills at once is it okay to crush and
extract and drink from two pills…or does it change the chemicals by doing
this? If a person normally takes two 10/325′s at a time can they extract
from four 5/325′s and drink it? ?

Dakota Alexander says:

i would use cough syrup there is more in it?

Crystal Souders says:

Could you then let it evaporate to isolate the codeine??

yung Mudd says:

main question is does this even do tha trick is it gunna fuck u up, fuck
tha taste idc I jus want it too be clear enough too mix wit promethazine
syrup and not make it look murky and cloudy I want ittoo be clear codeine
extract , that’s really strong depending on how many you use?

bluedevilfool says:

So does dis really work I got codeine wit tylenol ima try it?

Kim MacDonald says:


cheif highgrade says:

I enjoyed drumming along to this on my desk?

dirty_ cop says:

You are using WAY too much water for this.
Paracetamol solubility is 9mg/ml.
The codeine phosphate salt in co-codamol, is very soluble at around
4000mg/ml of water.
For 16 tablets @ 8mg codeine phosphate, you dont need more then 25ml of
water (theoretically).
By using more water you are increasing the amount of paracetamol you are
drinking. So for 25 ml/water (@ 9mg/ml) that would be 225 mg (a perfectly
safe dose).?

jason boucher says:

can u do this to extract the acetaminophen from hydrocodone???

Lence98 says:

can you reduce the solution to get the solid opiate??

P S Y C O S i S says:


YooTeddyBear says:

What kind of thing was that at the end? The red drink!?

tymek rost says:

If u evaporate the water the codeine/hydrocodone will stay right??

Michael Dewinter says:

Can u use as many pills as u want with this I’m alittle new to it. Also
wat about hydrocodone/acetaminophen? How many can I use for this ?

MrJunglistick says:

ok so I just used ten codeine phosphate&paracetamol 8/500mg I did the whole
thing to a tee there wasn’t much sludge at the bottom of the glass and the
end product is very clear but slightly cloudy is it safe to drink??

Tristan Stiles says:

Bru that’s nice work…..I got more of a high listening to that music, what
is it????

J Goodrich says:

I am having trouble when swallowing my hydroco I take 2 or 3 (10/325mg)
pills at a time as I have built up a tolerance… When I take them it feels
like they are sitting in my chest… I have extreme pain in both my feet so
I am not taking them to get high! Basically my question is, is it safe to
crush up my pills and put it in something like yogurt or apple sauce?
Thanks :-) ?

Connor Gibb says:

Can I do this with one to three pills? I do not want to waste them doing to
many . Just had surgery ?

Brni Ghju says:

ty!! the medecine is lobbie ;) ty great video!! i test now?

Konezful says:


valkor73 says:

somebody help that acetomenphian killing me give some advice?

P S Y C O S i S says:

use as many as u want, just do the same all on a bigger ratio.?

Lachlan Hamilton says:

I used to do this with OTC co-codamol all the time. But if you can get a
hold of aspirin and codeine instead it’s much easier and quicker. I never
used to powder the tablets first, just drop them in a bottle with about
80ml of cold water and leave them in the fridge for about 15-30 minutes til
they break up naturally. Swirl it about a few times too, to make sure the
codeine goes into solution. Make sure the filter paper is good and wet
then pour the mixture into it. Once it has all gone through, wash the
residue with about 5-10 ml of ice cold water twice. Add this water very
slowly and gently so as not to disturb the residue, this way it washes the
codeine solution straight through it. If you are using codeine and
paracetamol (acetaminophen) make sure you dispose of the residue carefully
and clean up any residue that spills if you have a cat, as paracetamol
(acetaminohpen) is highly poisonous to them. With this method you get about
a 95% yield by my estimation, wetting the filter paper is essential so you
don’t lose any of the codeine solution by capilliary action into the dry
paper.. Coffee filter paper works best, but if you can’t get that, kitchen
towel is a decent substitute. Just be careful tho, because codeine IS
pretty addictive, even though it is considered a weak opiate. Also, just
to be clear, the solution that has been filtered is what you drink, the
residue left in the filter is what you dispose of.?

Trollacaust says:

i wana try this but am scared that il mess up and end up overdosing on

Rochelle Doom says:

Man I’m lucky, once a month I get 420mg of pure codeine phos no questions
asked. I stick to getting high for 2 days a month on pure codeine. One day
I’m gonna try this though with 30/500s just to see what happens.?

Antony Zbik says:

I lost a friend to this stuff and extraction. May he rest in peace?

earthlikeplanet91 says:

can u shoot that water up??

Molokow chewbacca says:

It is really not worth the time-of-day. It does not hold the same affects
as taking it orally. I would recommend faking pain and going to the ED to
get Oxycodone. Cheers. Tell them you have been prescribed Codeine but it
does not work.. Sit there for 8 hours till someone sees you.. Worth it..
!! ?

Nikita Marinko says:

3:54 Guys please respond. The ending confused me. Add whole solution and
leave to filter then dispose?
All i have to do is just pour over the filter right? then drink the
filtered water?
Or do i do something with the stuff that ends up in the napkin (i believe
thats the sludge in the glass)?

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